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Friday, January 29, 2010

a year

Yup... there I am; a year with this blog. An year back on the same day we became friends. I had intended to have it since my graduation when I came to know what a blog is and read one thoroughly, but it took me almost 2 years to do it practically. What I began with appeared crap even to me, won't comment about others.

But as I went ahead it accompanied me through everything, from my dilemmas and my questions to those beautiful rain drops; from weird feelings that crept my heart at times to the moments that tickled me; from contentment I got by being on myself to the decisions which I might repent or be happier over in future; from my affection towards statistics to my sketches; from admiring the beauty of nature to critical analysis of research discussions; from blocked mind unable to spit anything here to the one blabbering blah..and much more.

I won't say this is my best friend. But this is the only one who has understood me always. Although there was no relief provided by it, but a satisfaction that at least someone is listening to me :)
All the while I did it in the real sense. I guess I inspired around 7 or more friends of mine into this blog world.

And the special gift that it has given me is, so many friends, fellow bloggers. I kept admiring (silently on web but loudly otherwise) them, throughout this year, some for there effectiveness, some for there proficiency, others for their frankness, some for their creativeness and rhythm, another for the humor, and then for a few, reasons yet remain unexpressed. Some are even unaware of my existence here, and some have not only laughed on my jokes but encouraged too at times. With new additions every now and them, there was a post when I was worried about the increasing no. and attributed my blocked mind to more reading, but later I realized that it is all part of it.

I wish a long life to the world around my blog (and that off course includes my blog) u see neighborhood of a point has to have the point itself.. :P


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

hmmm.....firstly congrts on ur 1st blogging b'day...i agree wid u that its among the best friend one can have....and i think one doesn't have any right blame it until and unless he/she gets into it completely and understands it......that what is actually a blog????

Swaram said...

Wish a very long and lovely life to ur blog and u too :) Thatz a milestone indeed :) And eh, nice thoughts there! Our blog is a superb friend alright ... listens to all that we hv to say :D

Balvinder Singh said...

Deep, that's a great way to celebrate one year of blogging. You have put across not only your feelings about your blogging experience, but have also felicitated your blogger friends without actually naming them. Very delicately expressed. Please accept my congrats.

Nachiket said...

hey congrats a lot...ur writin is quite refreshin..it reminds me my fav author V P Kale..true pleasure!

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