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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Drawing boundaries is never easy

Last post I mentioned about the so called life lessons, where people suggest to accept life gracefully. To be more specific not to play victim card, as it can be more harmful than helpful; we should not try to gather sympathy and so on.

But how do we know while accepting the life and what it is getting us in to.. we don't over do. I just don't want to keep on accepting everything life is getting me in to.

Is there any award I am going to get for being brave, and making all battles around me as my own personal battles. I will not question the benefits one may get for being weaker.

Other than few words of appreciation, what else do I get for being brave. I did get peace of mind, no doubt, for accepting the situations as is. But physically and and in some sense mentally too, I am stretching myself.

How does one draw the boundary between accepting life and putting foot down/playing victim card/cribbing?

PS: After reading the post I realised, at the moment I am already well beyond the other side of boundary. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019


What if two people with very extremely connected lives have extremely opposite perspectives of a situation. Suppose this situation is a major problem for one: for the other person it is just the way of life, with nothing abnormal in it.
From one's perspective every one does it. From other's perspective why should one do it?
Both one and other, have people around them who agree with their perspectives. There is apparently no good or bad.

How to find peace in this situation?
I have recently watched some videos on the theme of accepting life gracefully. They are nice, however not very natural to follow.  And thes one can face is, feeling strong disconnection with other (most likely temporary, but not a good thing).

Yet to find a perfect way to find peace with contradicting perspectives.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

To a new found blogger friend

Have you faced this: that you read something and it is so overwhelming and it touched you so deep that you are not left with any option other than to pour out your feelings somewhere.. Exactly that is what happened to me today

Lately I have not had many close friends (whom I also get to meet enough). There are ones I label close, but for some reason we don't get to talk enough, or even if we talk, some how I have a problem expressing.. I guess all this is a topic of a separate post, which, if I can, will revisit some day.

So coming back to friends.. Once you have kids, their circle becomes your circle. So in last year I entered in to a circle which was essentially composed of  mommy's of my daughter's friends. We were similar kinds, similar backgrounds, similar presents; so offcourse I felt connected. But honestly, I never could feel a very deep rooted connect. Probably because I am never so much available, even to connect superficially.
However, to feel a deeper connection you may not always need hours of conversations..

Recently one of the mommies from the gang, let's say X, shared a blog post she wrote on friendship day. The post reminded me off few of those seasoned bloggers, whom I used to follow in good old days, and I was always amused by the fact how well they penned down their emotions, in such real way, without masking it, being very straight (exactly opposite of what I do, going all over the place). These are the people whose posts were most awaited on my blogroll (its like timeline for FB, where you watch other blogger friends are posting).

As I mentioned about good old days, the practice used to be, if you like a post from a blog, you go back and read as many as you can from the archives. So I kept her blog open in my chrome tabs, with the intent to read it some day.
And this morning when I woke up at 4 and was unable to fall asleep,  I ended up reading X's blog (which had two more posts).

I realised how we all have a two way shell built. We never try to peep in to what a person's heart may be made up of inside; and other way round, most of us never want to let the guard off, and allow others to look inside our heart. When we open up, there is so much in common. So much to relate. So much to connect. Sometimes we find set of emotions which exactly mirrored our past or probably the present self too. 

Till we look inside we never would know how strong they are that we develop a feeling of affection and respect for them. Till we look inside how would we know that they have as weak and vulnerable a heart as you do.

That being said, I wish opening up was lot more easier. 
I have realised, it needs a courage, which I still do not have, to express myself, to express the state of mind, my vulnerabilities, my real problems, my dreams..
And similarly, I wish it was easier to look in to someone's heart, their true self. It would have been lot easier to make friends..

PS: If you would have noticed, the background which I built was longer than the actual(original) feelings I intended to express :P That's the true me :D

Thursday, April 5, 2018

back home with a smile..

After a long time I opened my blog today.. it won't be an overstatement if I say I haven't seen for years now..

Initial posts looked quite naive and silly, too factual.. but as I went a page or two deeper, it felt really nice.. like a feeling one gets when one reaches back home from a vacation. Even though you have amazing time out there, home is home. I realise that I missed home only after I unlock the door and step in to one of the rooms; every time I can feel how comfortable I feel at home.. Before stepping in I was too busy to realise that I was missing an important part of me.

Now you know what kind of home I meant.. Stuck by Nostalgia..

I am smiling right now, and trying to convince myself it is not impossible to be a bit regular here.. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


..to Déjà vu !!!

Another addition to the list:
- Not all screwed up interviews lead to negative results :)

So the moral of the story is, Believe in yourself (as AK says) and Believe in The One sitting up there (as Papa says). Together you can do magics...