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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

memories generated on World Sparrow Day

I was doing some random surfing, and came to know that today is World Sparrow Day. It is celebrated to raise awareness of the sparrow and other common birds to urban environments, and of threats to their populations.

Although they say that Sparrows are the most ubiquitous birds on earthbut I have really missed them in last few years. We used to have so many in our balcony in Kanpur. We used to feed them everyday.  I loved their chirping, the noise they used to make. Everyone at home was fond of them.

There were some more regular companions as well, like jungle babbler, laughing dove, common myna, quarrelsome parrots, naughty but cute squirrels. 

We used to put variety of grains at least twice a day along with water. When we used to go out stations, I was always so worried about their food :-| When we moved to Bhopal it was a complete end of the story. Hardly any bird visits there.

I am really feeling nostalgic and I am almost teary now, remembering my dearest birdies. Thankfully we have some pictures of them as memories.. and there are so many small small incidences associated..

Jungle babbler
I was very fond of these guys. They used to come in groups and make lotsss of noise. But sometimes they used to shake or move so much that their feathers were all swollen, and they used to look like a feathery ball. Back then I didn't knew their name, so i used to call them  चूज़े वाली चिड़िया :P

Laughing Dove
This was the quietest bird in the balcony. We used to call it घुघ्घी. You might be able to relate if you know the famous song from Pinjar. They were only two of them.. used to sit for long, watch and observe the situation, and then delicately walk towards the plate and eat. They didn't like much of interference.

Lonesome Pigeon

Papa longed so much for pigeons, but they rarely visited. Here there are so many, but unwelcome :(

Here are some random pics from their usual gatherings..

And here is our favorite squirrel, doing some naughty, cute and funny acts. They were so brave and fearless, that if you sit and don't move for a while, they won't mind crossing over you. I remember once, in summer afternoon, mummy was lying on on a wooden takhat taking her afternoon nap, fully covered with shawl. And these kept on crossing her, even when they came to know after first time, that a human being is sleeping there :D They used to take panga with the parrots. One day they had a big fight, and the parrot lost the battle after having a severe injury that it bled. Actually both of them were fond of groundnuts..which made them bang their heads :P


And finally the parrots.. They were quite human friendly. Eventually they became so close, that they used to come and take groundnuts from our hand. I think my brother can provide you a better picture of them.

I know post has gone far too long, but I hope all those had patience to reach the end, enjoyed :P

PS: Sometime back I also wrote a kind of poem using these sparrows in the backdrop. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Though days, though were equally messed, were better and lighter. When I had both energy and courage to scribble. When I felt like a free bird while expressing myself. It has all changed.

Change, which is the only constant, changes everything around. Everything has to change with time, and it does. Life, family, friends, career, interests, hobbies, preferences, attitudes, views ..none of them is degenerate. And then our lives are connected to all these variables through complex functions. None of them are independent. Whatsoever transformation you try, these variables will manage to affect you in some way or the other. As they say, everything is for good. Because no one likes a covariance matrix which is singular.

But sometimes I feel, I don't know what is good or bad. I just want(ed ) few situations, few people and few relations to remain as they were, as they have always been to me, kind. I can't let them go so easily. I just want to give up on everything now.

There is so much buried in but it is so hard to dig. I wish it was easier. I think this is the most serious loss you suffer when you don't write regularly. You loose the ability to write. 

Though I have babbled few bits randomly, but I am still carrying lots of load on my feathers. And I guess I won't be able to unload it for a while.