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Saturday, July 31, 2010

another piece of crap

Do you think that each one of us has the right to get upset or angry on something?
If your answer is Yes, then you are wrong; because some people are not lucky enough to have freedom of expressing their negative feelings. Actually speaking, if you are among those then you might consider yourself lucky in some sense, because you have people around you who are concerned for you, in their own different ways.

There would be some who might be worried for your future; who might be worried with so much of mood swings how are you going to tackle the world in front of you; these are the people who want your image to be better in society than what it is now; they want people to see only smile on your face and not the frowns. They want you to be known as well-natured and decent human being. So off course such people are concerned for you, because they don’t want to see you in trouble. And one should be grateful to them.

There could be another kind of people in your life; who love you so much that they get upset as soon as you get upset. They always want you to be with a smile. They always like it when your eyes are with glitter and spark; when your voice has excitement; when you are normal; when you are talking nice things and making some sense. This kind would not throw you away if you behave contrary to above mentioned behavior; but they would always want you to be happy. Off course, then you are among the lucky people.

But, is it possible that you will be always happy? Since you are not in heaven; there would be things around you making you unhappy, upset and angry. You might feel like yelling or crying; you might sound little low at times. There is nothing wrong about it. Every other person on earth feels so. That is how life is balanced between good and bad, happiness and sadness, smiles and frowns and what not. But when it comes to expression, these two kinds of people around make me feel that we lose the balance. They want only positive ones to be expressed. If at all negative ones are there, they should be expressed to yourself; not in front of family; not when you are with work place; not to someone in person. But what if you feel like having a talk with someone just to pour down all the heaviness in heart; what if you want a shoulder to cry for. No, you should not; because the first category doesn’t want you to fall into the category of cranky people while the second category would be more upset than you were.

So sometimes we need to smile and be happy not for ourselves, but for others; others who are around us; who mean a lot to us; sometimes more than our own selves. But if they mean so much to us can’t they just be with us in some negative moments, just bear with the roughness of few moments, accept us as we are, be with us and hold us when we are weak.

So the actual point I want to make is that, everyONE should keep all the negative feelings their lone self. That’s how I remember someone saying, One is certainly the loneliest number.
At moments I feel as if people are strongly tangled to each other; at others it feels as if everyone holds as a single separate identity and should live without getting twined with any other identity.

PS: I think some of the statements I made were absurd, though I don’t deny the possibility of whole post falling into this category. That’s no issue with me, how can someone always talk sensible stuff. Just like life, blog also has its own kind of balance.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

..if you have problems, finishing things in time, and if you are in academics.

..here is something for you, to get encouragement ;)
cheer up!!!

sparrows in the balcony

..thoughts coming to mind, but flying away swiftly,
swift they are, as those sparrows in the balcony.

when i try to get closer to them, wishing to look into their eyes,
they are no more around..
making the balcony empty and isolated!!

words come knocking around my mind,

when i try to listen, wishing to hear their whisper,
they are no more around..
making me blank and quiet!!

in NY too..

Bed bugs aka Khatmal aka Dhekun or whatever sweet name u wanna call them with.. but the news is, they are not only bothering UniPune hostels.. but NY too!!

..have a look at this.
nice to see na, that even a developed country like US is struggling..

You might think what a big deal.. but ask me.. they are actually a big deal, when they are spending nights with you.
I can never forget 3rd semester, when they actually attacked our room. We always used to keep lights on, so that once anyone gets a bite, that particular piece of devil can be captured, and thrown into mug of water (FYI that is the best way to kill them). Sometimes when light was off, i actually remember one of my roommates. All of a sudden she used to get up from her sound sleep, scratching somewhere, and bravo!! that she used to find the culprit with the help torch in her mobile.

It was only at the end of semester when I was fed up of the mess, that i started a massive program to get my room cleaned. And unlike batch mates, i succeeded in the mission (up to some extent) .

Now also once in a while they visit me. But by God's grace, i have become quite a expert in handling them, so that their visits are never long and unbearable.

PS: Ever you need any tips about these creatures , you may contact me. My dissertation on them is almost half done :P ;)

PS to PS: what a nasty post na :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

i hope..

.. yes, its just a hope.. that i have come back to blog, and i'll stay more regular.
How many days it has been since i wrote ANYTHING.. lemme check... 44 days (longest break i ever took).

Yesterday for the first time in these 44 days I actually felt the need and urge to write. May be because it was the first time in this break I was actually studying for research. Now don't take it as if I was actually on a break.. Hibernation started when GBM occupied all of me for workshop preparations.. and then 1st June to 25th June was AIS where I was a tutor; in between many events suffered due to this. There was an exam (which I should have better taken more seriously); very close friend's visit (whom I should have given more time).

..and then, it was some home time, after 6 months, with family and cousins.. all sorts of full-to masti, which most of the time did not made sense to people around.

..now when I am back to Pune, its lil hard, getting back to normal life. Not that, i don't want to, but the issue is the long wide lag I have been in. I have lost all the touch with where and what I was doing.. even notations look strange now (even those which we defined), and then simulation part (not sure where I ended and what is to be done)..

..in between i ignored many blogs, i actually wanted to comment on many of the posts i read here and there on different blogs i follow, but i couldn't.. reason used to non-availability... sometimes of time and sometimes words.. but i always tried to read. Few people cared enough to poke about the dullness of blog.. thank u :-)

I think i should end this post here, with a hope to be more regular.. here as well as on work.. bcz i could see some deadlines not short term, but long ones.. happy about them ;)

Won't let this go unmentioned.. something i saw happening, had a hard time understanding and then having the beautiful experience, made me believe..

By the way came across these beautiful lines of a song (from A Walk to Remember)..
If you believe that dreams come true.. there's one that's waiting there for you, bcz I believed when I saw you, that when you want someone enough.. then they can't escape your love.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be..