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Thursday, July 22, 2010

in NY too..

Bed bugs aka Khatmal aka Dhekun or whatever sweet name u wanna call them with.. but the news is, they are not only bothering UniPune hostels.. but NY too!!

..have a look at this.
nice to see na, that even a developed country like US is struggling..

You might think what a big deal.. but ask me.. they are actually a big deal, when they are spending nights with you.
I can never forget 3rd semester, when they actually attacked our room. We always used to keep lights on, so that once anyone gets a bite, that particular piece of devil can be captured, and thrown into mug of water (FYI that is the best way to kill them). Sometimes when light was off, i actually remember one of my roommates. All of a sudden she used to get up from her sound sleep, scratching somewhere, and bravo!! that she used to find the culprit with the help torch in her mobile.

It was only at the end of semester when I was fed up of the mess, that i started a massive program to get my room cleaned. And unlike batch mates, i succeeded in the mission (up to some extent) .

Now also once in a while they visit me. But by God's grace, i have become quite a expert in handling them, so that their visits are never long and unbearable.

PS: Ever you need any tips about these creatures , you may contact me. My dissertation on them is almost half done :P ;)

PS to PS: what a nasty post na :D


Ishkaran Singh said...

Do you have any previous experience of getting rid of mice also ?

deep said...

.. i think my dad has!! :D

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

arey mice hain........billi zindabaad.........:D

Sid said...

:) prolly that song by kishore kumar wud help - dheere se jaana khatiyan mein / khatmal, dheere se jaana khatiyan mein :P

Nachiket said...

i am lucky this time! no more bedbugs problems.
Resort is: Dont stay at ground floor!

deep said...

@ cynosure: trivial help!!

@ Sid: that was expected ;)

@ Nachiket: u never know!! FYI in 3rd sem i ws at 3rd floor .. so beware :D

Meera said...

when i came to iisc 1st thing i did on 1st day was as soon as entered room & started search to is there any bedbug or not,but thankfully there was nothing.

P.S: positive side of bedbug ,our batch mate has did one good drama on khatmal,was that possible without khatmal:D
@ Deep:This is not nasty but nostalgic for us !!!

Richa said...

ur khatmal training often helps....

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