Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Saturday, October 31, 2009


We all have faults that we try to hide. But the problem arises when we don't acknowledge these troubles and faults even to ourselves and pretend to be what we are not. A peacock looks beautiful when it dances but it cannot it cannot sing. A cuckoo is dark but has a golden voice. That is why a cuckoo should never dance and peacock should not try to sing !

We can live our lives in happiness only when we acknowledge our difficulties and failures and try to overcome them with our strength of character.

-'Gently falls the Bakula' by Sudha Murthy

Thursday, October 29, 2009


When they left kanpur, I never imagined that we will be meet again some day..i thought its too far away...as a collection of memories from kanpur i made this video (it was the first one I did...so very raw)..

But now when we met, it was like a dream come true...It was all so different.
I was so amused to hear full sentences from Aryaman. When he got down from lap, I expected him to jump, only late to realise, he is big now, nd his feet can touch floor easily..

Hope there will be more such moments...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

tired yet i will miss these days

It is around 1700 kms on road, 5200 kms on rail and 5200 kms by air in 25 days (includes journey to westen and then to the southern most part of the country). Some of the parts were redundant, but could not be avoided due to some or the other reasons..
I like to travel, but never got to do as much as this month..and as a result i am tired of travelling, atleast for a while..although I have enjoyed these few days like anything. People with whom I travelled (whether it be family or friends) have made these days memorable... :)

Nothing could have been more relaxing than those blue waters..

and what could have been more enjoyable than travelling in those narrowroads with everything green around...

Monday, October 12, 2009

a very pleasant surprise

Today around 11 am when I was busy with some ridge regression stuff, someone from office upstairs came down, and said that I have a visitor at hostel. Actually someone from hostel office called in department. My first reaction was, he has mistaken, as I am not expecting anyone. Anyways I started for hostel. On the way met 2 juniors, who informed me that two old uncles are sitting in the office, and they are some bengali fellows, and they are claiming to be my father's friends. Now I was totally surprised, amused, shocked, a bit scared and full of questions to myself until I reached hostel. And what was next I could never dream even.

I used to go for morning walks this summer, which I have discontinued after vacation in July, due to busy schedule, despite of the fact that I enjoyed it more than many things I do now. There I became friend with many old people (that doesn't mean I don't talk to my generation ones, but I never found many). We shared smiles, Hi and Hello, sometimes 'why didn't u come yesterday'..thats it. Some talked even..like what are u doing where do u stay and all those stuffs..and few them liked the fact that I am going to study further.

So the story goes like this. When I was not seen there for 3 months, so some of them were sort of worried that she used to stay at hostel, so lets see everything is fine with her. And they came to find me out. It may sound strange that how and why should someone get worried for a total stranger. May be when they are far from their own kids, then they find reflection of them in others..there worries get refracted...

So we had a cup of coffee, talked for a while, and they left with a promise from me to resume walk. Anyways it was a very beautiful surprise.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

sharing the moments

There were three parts of it..

Refreshing memories with the old friends...
It was very beautiful feeling being once again with all those special friends, talking endlessly, walking on the same straight road (for once I forgot I am no more a part of it), preparing that special salad, with the same noise, teasing, music, same internet proxies for blocked sites, having food in mess..
Peolple marked that Deep has changed alot, like 'look at the way u r talking, u have also been the same few years back dear... :o ', I know I have changed alot.
Then seeing all the teachers.. Deepa Mam, Amla Mam, OP Sir, Manisha Mam, Praveen Sir...and Piyush Sir, as usual he cares for us, and gives so many instructions, he still finds us kid. And Shalini Mam, I felt too good talking to her. After a long I got a opportunity to discuss about the things and career, with someone who can very well understand me...because she too thinks the same way as I do..

This is supposed to be the main reason for trip, but actually it could not. First two days it was all repetition of I4 course we have in M.Sc. later things were new. Got to learn somethings, but not as much as I expected. Professors (from ISI kolkata) were as usual masters of the topics, but moreover they were very interactive..which is really appreciable.

Some new friends
This was something I had never expected off. But now I think may be that was obvious. People I went with were almost strangers, if not completely. But while my journey back we were no more strangers, but appeared like friends who know each other since long. We enjoyed every moment there, most of the time laughing and chatting..sometimes making fun of students from other universities, and sometimes it could be professors also. Discussing all sort of things..and then a day at Jaipur, was beautifully spent. In the end we all were wishing that soon another conference (or seminar) should come up in some part of the country.

The only bad thing was that during all these days I felt so much about many things, and wanted to share all of those, but couldn't find clock helping me, as a result i have to summarise everything in one post...

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Chanchala Ghadge on Frontier Models

These models are similar to those in regression approach but then the difference lies in the fact that we consider the best unlike regression where we consider averages. So obvious difference comes in the errors which are now combination of two ransom variables. One of them is usual regression error and another one will always be positive(because we are considering the best model).

PS: Topic was interesting, but TVR was forced to speak in between all the time (seeing our helpless faces).

Note: IDRS-3 was by Rupali on some fractional Factorial Designs and real life experiment related to it (curd making). I am still unable to develop a liking or interest for DOE. So I don't have to regret much about missing the session. But may be this session was interesting enough to capture me.