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Monday, February 14, 2011

so much like..

Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than an exact answer to the wrong quesiton, which can always be made precise - John W. Tukey

Came across this line, as an outcome of the re-search during the discussion, which was a by product of discussion with him. And found this so much like him. He is so correct and at the same time so abstract. 

At this moment my antennae have refused any kind of reception..nothing!! ..neither mixing nor ergodicity nor invariance nor stationarity nor regression nor conditional-expectation nor best-linear-predictor nor transformation ..forget about aggregate data.

PS: How blocked I m feeling, one can make out from the number of nors there. System badly needs to be rebooted.


Not for a day or week,
a feeling to stay forever,
and a day..

Something that cannot be expressed in words or gifts,
Still it gives you everything, 
and a little bit more..

PS: Parts of the above lines are from MLTR. Somehow, to me these lines describe the feeling called LOVE in the best way .. keeping in account its eternity and endless horizons.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

they hopeless & we helpless

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to defame or hurt any person or place.. but just to vent out my frustration.

I am sincerely looking forward for the time when administration will start appointing sensible people for the non-teaching posts; who are rendered with more sense, efficiency, briskness and most importantly who are able to feel and understand the obvious things. Why don't people in councils and committees understand that we (teachers and students) badly need such people on the other side of the table who understand our problems, who understand how precious time is for students (at least more vital than procrastination is for the staff). I am here since July 2007 and by now I am totally steamed by the lazy, idiotic, inefficient and illogical way they work. When i say they, I mean everyone, right from the people who are there to switch on water supply for hostels, to those who are responsible for admission procedures of research students. The way they behave, it seems as if they have not been even given the basic education.

I accept there are few people who are exactly the way we would be happy working with. But such folks are so less in number that they appear out of place in the bunch of these couch potatoes. In this period of 3 years or so, I have had so many experiences and  had been a witness to so many that occurred to friends/classmates/room-mates, that at least a dissertation can be prepared on the topic. But will it make a sense.. as everything is senseless here. I think this is the case with any governmental university and may be I am over-expecting comparing with the Institutes, but as the title says, I am helpless. The only time span, when these are active, occurs few days prior to someone visiting to credit the place. Even then, the issues which matter to us, appear too lame to them, for discussion.

Every other morning we have some incidence to fry us. Whatever happened today morning was again something very mundane to report here, but it actually turned me nuts.  I was totally fried, but now since already  2 hours have passed my temper has got down. I literally went and argued with lady on the gate. But she was helpless explaining me her silly argument. I felt like banging one of the heads to a near by wall; either her or mine. 

What a beautiful start for the day... when some 7-8 hours before that start you were so happy discussing and imagining about reality part of dreams coming true !! 
thats how life is .. White, Black and sometimes Grey..and then there are some beautiful colors of life which are still capable of making you smile amongst all this :)

PS: Although I said that time is precious for students, still I wasted lot of it in writing this. I am helpless since my brain refuses to work, unless the garbage inside is dumped somewhere, no matter how long it takes.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

all this while

So what was I actually up to all this while.. not everything was very remarkable, except for few events. 

First one was the couple of days spent with family. After lot of uncertainty it was totally a dream come true time.

Immediately after that was LPS-V. Initially we were late in applying, but the organizers were considerate enough and gave us an opportunity. It turned out to be a wonderful experience, something which will remain in the memories forever. It was a full fledged get-together of statistical community. We were simply amazed to interact with so many great people. But at the same time their greatness didn't effect the humble part of them; not even so much that they didn't mind giving extra lectures to students like us who were new to the main theme or discussing outside the classroom. Then there was a small trek, where we got company of so many professors.. few so enthusiastic that they encouraged and offered bandages and some discussed twisty puzzles on the way. In nutshell the experience was so beautiful that I am unable to make an complete account of it. Some tit-bits about it can be read at AK's space. Have a look at few snapshots..

enthusiastic group of statisticians
tired after trek
we.. the kids, enjoying butter dosa!!
delicious south indian meals

There is lot more to share. I'll be updating more about what has been going around all this while.

PS: It feels great to get back :)

time to wake up :( or :)

It was such a nice beautiful winter night. I was sleeping cozily in my shell. Everyone knows how much fun it is, to stay in bed during winters. I didn't feel like moving (writing); actually I felt, but it was too difficult to move :( and it was more easy to stay dreaming (reading blogs) ;) :P

One feels like getting up late on such mornings. I have been snoozing my alarm since so long; and people around have been shouting to wake me up, but I was too lazy. Now night is over, even the beautiful, pleasant morning has passed. Its noon. I woke up because I needed a little push and at the same time I felt hungry too; and for feeding one has to leave the cozy comfort zone (you will get to know, what made me feel hungry for writing, in the posts to come). So I m here.

Since I woke up only a few mins back, I might not feel like speaking too much at this moment. But I assure I am back, at least for a day ..hopefully length of this day is as much as it was of the night :D