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Thursday, February 3, 2011

time to wake up :( or :)

It was such a nice beautiful winter night. I was sleeping cozily in my shell. Everyone knows how much fun it is, to stay in bed during winters. I didn't feel like moving (writing); actually I felt, but it was too difficult to move :( and it was more easy to stay dreaming (reading blogs) ;) :P

One feels like getting up late on such mornings. I have been snoozing my alarm since so long; and people around have been shouting to wake me up, but I was too lazy. Now night is over, even the beautiful, pleasant morning has passed. Its noon. I woke up because I needed a little push and at the same time I felt hungry too; and for feeding one has to leave the cozy comfort zone (you will get to know, what made me feel hungry for writing, in the posts to come). So I m here.

Since I woke up only a few mins back, I might not feel like speaking too much at this moment. But I assure I am back, at least for a day ..hopefully length of this day is as much as it was of the night :D


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