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Thursday, February 3, 2011

all this while

So what was I actually up to all this while.. not everything was very remarkable, except for few events. 

First one was the couple of days spent with family. After lot of uncertainty it was totally a dream come true time.

Immediately after that was LPS-V. Initially we were late in applying, but the organizers were considerate enough and gave us an opportunity. It turned out to be a wonderful experience, something which will remain in the memories forever. It was a full fledged get-together of statistical community. We were simply amazed to interact with so many great people. But at the same time their greatness didn't effect the humble part of them; not even so much that they didn't mind giving extra lectures to students like us who were new to the main theme or discussing outside the classroom. Then there was a small trek, where we got company of so many professors.. few so enthusiastic that they encouraged and offered bandages and some discussed twisty puzzles on the way. In nutshell the experience was so beautiful that I am unable to make an complete account of it. Some tit-bits about it can be read at AK's space. Have a look at few snapshots..

enthusiastic group of statisticians
tired after trek
we.. the kids, enjoying butter dosa!!
delicious south indian meals

There is lot more to share. I'll be updating more about what has been going around all this while.

PS: It feels great to get back :)


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