Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Friday, May 29, 2009

a warm welcome to the new day

Today, exactly after 6 months when I headed towards that same old road, I felt so good.
It was something around 5:30 in the morning, almost 6 hours from the time I have fallen asleep, when bed bugs woke me up. By the by I was literally fallen down on the pillow while revising something in matrices, I think it was skew symmetric. After 30 mins of sleeplessness (that comprised of some n no. of failed attempts to sleep again), helpless I was. So got up and decided to go for something I was thinking to do from last 7 days.
Morning Walk.
I used to go for morning walk in the 3rd sem for about a month or two (despite of the fact that I am quite precise in remembering dates, I could just remember I stopped at Diwali, unable to recall the moment which led me to start it). The reasons for ending the habit as well as not starting in the next semester can be labeled, without any argument, as lame excuses from a lazy fellow; eg. My lectures start at 12:15pm, then how and why should I get up at 6:00am.
Morning walks for some are about losing extra pounds and solution to few physical problems. I don’t fit to these. My reasons may or may not seem sensible..
> Feeling the cool breeze
> Sense the freshness in ambiance
> Relaxation from those smiling faces
>Getting energy from the enthusiasm of people who have their age almost 2 to 3 times that of mine
>Chirping of birds in the all new silence of the morning which reminds me those in my balcony at home
> Ray of hope and optimism from those (fellows from paraplegic centre) who could not stand on their feet for rest of their life.
Good enough reasons to continue.

As I scribble this over, with a cup of milk, I am remembered of my thoughts yesterday afternoon. I have had been through a few occupied days, at least more occupied than the usual ones of a lazy being like me, and know that some more are ahead, due to research proposal. I was wondering, has that time approached when I will also have to complain about the shortage of time and have to give a some sort of blow to my only blog, as a fellow blogger did week before.
Now I know the answer. No.

There are few things in life living without which is not at all difficult. But you have to keep them living so as to give life to your life. I think that morning road and this place to scribble are among those.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

It isn't time that's passing by

As Ruskin says.."It isn't time that's passing by..It is you and I."

some people, as they join us on the way, gradually became part of life..then suddenly paths change,with no hopes of these new paths to cross in future. we move ahead leaving some part of us behind, at the point of divergence..moving ahead with the void; and then someone else joins, who unknowingly fills the empty space and starts this infinite loop again.
..but can never take the place of those who are left back sometime at some cross road.

walked miles..hand in hand..chatted endlessly.
still walking..now hands trying to hold the breeze,the only companion..memories chattering into themselves.

waiting for the one to make this being enter that loop again, who can hold the hand and settle down that chatter of memories.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Grey sky, bending over the greener earth due to the loads of clouds it just received. The wind which is coming from some faraway land, brushed away whispering something unsaid. Bringing with it the nostalgic smell of soil that takes heart back to old days. And there it is; the first drop that gently kissed the forehead.

PS: This was what I felt after the first shower of this season.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a Matter of Some Times

Sometimes nothing happens,
Sometimes things happen but there’s no reason for them,
Sometimes there’s a reason but we are unable to understand,
Sometimes we understand it but cannot explain,
Sometimes we can explain but no one will understand,
Sometimes I don’t get I am in which of these times,
Some Times…

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

not arbitrary..

Can I once again plan not to plan anymore for the future..
Yup..I am tired of making plans and anlysing the future events before they have happened...then offcourse as they are not supposed to happen according to me..and they don't...I feel sad about it...
Isn't it good to take one day at a time..or more preferably..one moment at a time..?
I hope soon i'll do that, taking things as they come.
All life brings with it is confusions...unexpected twists and turns..some sweet surprises..some bad shocks.!!!
And these are good on the whole; because thats the way HE has planned everything.
but we, with minds set here and there, with many imaginations for future...make the situation bad..and harder to accept whats coming ahead; although it might be better than what we thought.

I don't know why I am scratching all this here..I think may be I am pleased with an episode going on with me, which I never expected.