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Monday, May 25, 2009

It isn't time that's passing by

As Ruskin says.."It isn't time that's passing by..It is you and I."

some people, as they join us on the way, gradually became part of life..then suddenly paths change,with no hopes of these new paths to cross in future. we move ahead leaving some part of us behind, at the point of divergence..moving ahead with the void; and then someone else joins, who unknowingly fills the empty space and starts this infinite loop again.
..but can never take the place of those who are left back sometime at some cross road.

walked miles..hand in hand..chatted endlessly.
still walking..now hands trying to hold the breeze,the only companion..memories chattering into themselves.

waiting for the one to make this being enter that loop again, who can hold the hand and settle down that chatter of memories.

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