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Monday, April 23, 2012

Google Grievances

I have always been an admirer of the simplicity and elegance of Google products. But recently there have been many changes which have disheartened me to the core; and now on Akanksha's provocation I am here, posting my complaints:

Notebook: It was one lovely service. One could make virtual notebooks, notes, write comments and share. But it was removed. Then they forcibly imported all my Notebooks to Docs, which can never replace the facility and convenience of Notebook.

Docs: It is so hard to believe that, on right click, it doesn't even have the option of "Search Google for '____' ". Even the pages not associated with Google show this option, then why can't they have it in docs, which their own service. It is so annoying to Ctrl +C and Ctrl+V.

Buzz: Buzz was another cute thing, which they 'thought' would be replaced by Google+. It was such a convenient way to share 'whats running on your mind'.. and the notification appeared right in your Gmail. Why would somebody like me ever think of visiting Google+ every day.

Weird ideas of new look: Switching Gmail/Blogger to new look. Those new looks are so inconvenient to use. I avoided it for so long. But one fine day I was pushed into the new creepy version of both. It will take ages to get comfortable with the new version of blogger. Newer version of Gmail has specific problems. Like 
  - Option of "Reply via Chat" is missing
 - None of the themes is going too well (as was in older) in the newer version and they are not giving the option for creating own theme.
  - Scrolling only moves the main bar and the chat list remains fixed, which is quite irritating, atleast when I am using touchpad of laptop.

I was wondering what relief they get with such moves.. According to Akanksha,
"Probably they don't want their users to contract any neural disorder, that is why they keep on irritating and pricking our brains, to keep them active."

Friday, April 20, 2012

Real 'life' Analysis

One cannot get everything everywhere...

Something will be missing everywhere
Everything will be missing somewhere.

It is just like  ε and N in Analysis. Almost always, it is of the form,

∀ ε,  there exists a N, such that...
∀ N, there exists a ε, such that...

Things  true ∀ ε and ∀ N are rarity

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ankahee - the Unspoken

I always thought that Hollywood movies are far better then Bollywood movies. But I think I always forget that there are some gems which go unnoticed.. one of them is Ankahee (1985), which I watched today. It is such a beautiful piece of art.. fantastic acting and dialogues to go with a beautiful story. The song Thumak Thumak Pad was my favorite since the time I came across it for the first time (that was when Pt. Bhimsen Joshi passed away and I was going through his biography). Back then I never realised that the song would be from such an amazing movie.

In last week I have watched few other classic movies which I found literally wowww.. like Sooraj ka saatwan ghoda, Balika Badhu... and now many more are lined up.. like Paromitar ek din, Ek Doctor ki Maut... 

While I was reading about 100 years of Indian cinema in an TOI article, I was thinking there is also a parallel cinema which is unheard and unspoken of.

Suggestions for similar movies are welcome :)