Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Friday, April 30, 2010


A silent wish, her heart has always nurtured,
No one ever imagined how much it procured,

All of a sudden she could see it happening,
I am not sure whether that is true or she is dreaming,

She could sense it, you are moving towards her,
You might stay to hold the hand or as any other stranger cross by her.

Who knows what divinity has kept in her store,
Whatsoever way it turns out, she will lore.

Only she could do is sit by the shore and wait,
Wait for the waves to touch her and prate.

But this wait, she asks me, is it going to be easy,
Talks between waves and wind are making her crazy.

If she is dreaming, end it before it turns into a nightmare,
Shake her and wake her up right here.

I could feel how scared she is,
But even I am helpless in this...

PS: 1) These thoughts, about her, have crippled my mind since a week or so. After 2 failed attempts of penning them down (one in UVN’s and the other in GBM’s) finally I managed to do it. Hope now I could concentrate on work; as for now, brain is no more in shackles.

PS: 2) I hope anyone who reads this doesn’t feels like kicking me for the silly frame it is in.

:-) sweetest young men

It wouldn’t have made much difference, if this was on picasa. But they turned out to be so cute that I couldn’t resist posting here. And I am almost sure (a.s.) in probability (under unknown prior theta) that among those who keep track of this memoir, it will be a very pleasant surprise for few (atleast 5) of them.

Dr. G. B. Marathe and Dr. Sudhakar Kunte,
in the University of Pune lawn
the youngest-at-heart duo

PS: 0.) These were clicked while waiting for students to appear for annual group photo-session (at Main Building).

PS: 1) I don’t need to introduce them if you are among those few; and if you belong to the larger complement set, then it is trivial for you.

PS: 2) Click on the photograph for enlarged view.

PS: 3) Please drop in comment if you are among those few, because I need to know who all are smiling at these clicks :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

shades in his palette

When its dawn He is bit miser, or may be lazy, on bringing out the brighter colors from His palette, on that black canvas of night. But once they are out He is rushing; if you have started looking at it once, you can't afford to miss a moment from the creation of that masterpiece. Every day it is different from the others. It is never exactly the same. Often my eyes have captured the beauty of those few moments.. but i lack words, that could speak about any of those images.

The other day, evening looked bore . So a friend and myself went out, and were strolling on that quiet road towards Khirkee. Every thing was as it has always been; trees that always had shade of green and yellow, flowers that always bloomed, leaves that always swung, sky quiet as always with sun and moon there on the same time, those small red and white balls staring at each other, they don't get to see each other much often ..

But that day I felt something special about all of them.. I don't know why I was amazed to look at each of them.. The way leaves danced softly, as if doing a ball dance with the wind on some divine rhythm.. Their color, so bright as if someone picked and colored them a moment before.. Flowers appeared to have so many colors at the same time.. I felt someone inside me praising the beauty of each of those small things, which generally go unnoticed.

I was fascinated by variety in his palette..

All of a sudden it made me utter "What an amazing sense of colors He has!!!"...as if, for a moment I forgot he is He.. not someone among us..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

screwed Haiku

Why some mornings are irritated and low,
with absolutely no reasons though
for feeling so...

PS: I am screwed, was trying this Haiku 15 min before the Adv. Stoch. paper and then was blank for complete 2 hrs during the exam.

Monday, April 12, 2010

happy since lucky

It is unlike the times when I am sad/upset about something; and I want to dump my frustration on blog. Instead, right now I am really happy and contented about everything I have, every situations I am in. Its not that all of a sudden some positive incidents happened; but lately I have seen few friends around who are really suffering. You don't need jump to conclusions like I am happy on my friends problems. It is just that I am feeling lucky that situations have been so much favorable to me. I have always got people in my life who were kind to me; who made me grow up as a complete being. A family who is totally understanding, liberal and non-pushy, yet caring.. Friends who have always tried their best to understand this weirdo (some couldn't, but then it gave me insight when to expect and from whom) .. Teachers and guides who are caring enough (I am damn sure there are few people who are jealous of me for this fact) ..and I guess list is unending :-)

Though my giggly, naughty, kiddish, chattering and friendly attitude created problems for me; but then it is the one bit in my nature which brought smiles to people around me. It makes me really happy when I remember friends smiling over those Todas on desk or those cartoons in sampling notebook or when people laughed on the way I mimic teachers or speak Marathi in kachra ascent. Ability to spread smiles is also something everyone might not have. So another reason I am lucky.

I don't mean to boast things about me. Its just for a change at least we should be thankful and happy about all the goody stuff God has given us.

PS: Internal assessment for Finance is just 21 hours away, and unusually I am not at all tensed. Which is something I should be worried about, because people like me work only under pressure. I don't know what I am going to do ..I am not at all under pressure.. :O

Sunday, April 11, 2010


वो जो फिरता अकेला है,
लगता सबको आवारा है।
पर हो जैसा भी,
है फलक की रौनक यही।

कभी सूरज कि किरणों में खिल उठता है चेहरा उसका,
फिर इठलाता रहता है यहाँ वहाँ
कभी चांदनी में भी दिखता है गुमसुम सा,
रहगुज़र कि तलाश में करता है सफ़र तन्हा।

दूर देस से आई बदलियों कि टोली जब लगती है अपनी सी,
तो एक ही पल में घुल जाता है इनमें।
पर अगले ही पल होता है एहसास, कि ये तो नहीं है मंजिल उसकी,
वो बूंदों के कतरे नहीं हैं हमजाद उसके।

तलाश है उस ज़मीन के टुकड़े की,
जिसमे समाना है इक दिन उसको।
खुदा ने बनाया है वो ज़र्रा भी,
ये यकीन तो है उसको।

आयेगा वो पल, जब ख़त्म होंगे इंतज़ार के लम्हे भी,
बरसेंगी बूँदें, और मिट जायेगा वजूद उसका भी।

PS: Saw this small little cloud in the evening; it was shining bright with with setting sun's reflection. Then it went away somewhere; but it kept on strolling in my mind. I found myself so much like this cloud. May be there is no difference in life of objects there at sky(cloud) and those at earth(me).

Saturday, April 3, 2010

कुछ बातें

कल रात, हम भी कुछ बातें कहना चाहते थे तुमसे,
वो बातें कुछ से कुछ ज्यादा हैं, इसका एहसास तब हुआ
जब एक ही पल में लफ़्ज़ों की ईमारत बन गयी मन में।

पर शायद वो कच्ची मिट्टी की बनी थी,
कुछ ख्यालों के तेज़ झोंके भी नहीं झेल

ढह गयी है वो ईमारत,
खो गए हैं वो लफ्ज़,
और उसके मलबे में कहीं दब गयी हैं वो बातें, अनकही सी...