Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Friday, April 30, 2010


A silent wish, her heart has always nurtured,
No one ever imagined how much it procured,

All of a sudden she could see it happening,
I am not sure whether that is true or she is dreaming,

She could sense it, you are moving towards her,
You might stay to hold the hand or as any other stranger cross by her.

Who knows what divinity has kept in her store,
Whatsoever way it turns out, she will lore.

Only she could do is sit by the shore and wait,
Wait for the waves to touch her and prate.

But this wait, she asks me, is it going to be easy,
Talks between waves and wind are making her crazy.

If she is dreaming, end it before it turns into a nightmare,
Shake her and wake her up right here.

I could feel how scared she is,
But even I am helpless in this...

PS: 1) These thoughts, about her, have crippled my mind since a week or so. After 2 failed attempts of penning them down (one in UVN’s and the other in GBM’s) finally I managed to do it. Hope now I could concentrate on work; as for now, brain is no more in shackles.

PS: 2) I hope anyone who reads this doesn’t feels like kicking me for the silly frame it is in.


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

:O.....ps made me a bit confused.......

ok leave it.....poetry was good.....

Void said...

You write well... and that is an understatement.
You never disappoint whenever I find time to visit your blog :)

Akanksha said...

Verryyy well expressed....
Capturing such emotions in words couldn't have been more elegant....
I had missed this jewel at that time... But I'm glad that I stumbled upon it... Better late than never...

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