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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

shades in his palette

When its dawn He is bit miser, or may be lazy, on bringing out the brighter colors from His palette, on that black canvas of night. But once they are out He is rushing; if you have started looking at it once, you can't afford to miss a moment from the creation of that masterpiece. Every day it is different from the others. It is never exactly the same. Often my eyes have captured the beauty of those few moments.. but i lack words, that could speak about any of those images.

The other day, evening looked bore . So a friend and myself went out, and were strolling on that quiet road towards Khirkee. Every thing was as it has always been; trees that always had shade of green and yellow, flowers that always bloomed, leaves that always swung, sky quiet as always with sun and moon there on the same time, those small red and white balls staring at each other, they don't get to see each other much often ..

But that day I felt something special about all of them.. I don't know why I was amazed to look at each of them.. The way leaves danced softly, as if doing a ball dance with the wind on some divine rhythm.. Their color, so bright as if someone picked and colored them a moment before.. Flowers appeared to have so many colors at the same time.. I felt someone inside me praising the beauty of each of those small things, which generally go unnoticed.

I was fascinated by variety in his palette..

All of a sudden it made me utter "What an amazing sense of colors He has!!!"...as if, for a moment I forgot he is He.. not someone among us..


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

seems that you had a very deeeeeep observation........nicely written..........

Nachiket said...

ohh...so fascinating.
The beauty is all around us, only we have to feel and admire it.

Meghana said...

hmmm...true. 'He' is an excellent painter..with amazing sense of choice of colors. Whatever He chooses, looks perfect at its place.

Ayush said...

yep. The world is a very colorful place! :)
and beautiful too :)

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