Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Bland Post

My system is totally hang now...o'oo not the computer, I mean my system (that is my brain)
Don't know what sort of blues are this...may be some Wednesday Morning Blues..

After sleeping for more than 7 hours when I woke up at 7:30.. I was feeling as if someone woke me up when I was just half way through.

Extent is wishing a Professor Good Afternoon at 10:50 a.m. He was looking at my face.. And I was giving a blank expression. It took 30 secs or so for me to realise what I said.
And then when somebody is calling I am hating him for that, otherwise I always wait for my cell to ring.. :O..feeling offended..

Not even comments are triggering me up..which they always do.

And then lots of documents and stuff to collect before I leave day after tomorrow... :/
Still, at least the excitement to see new home is yet there.. Thank GOD.

I have already turned down what plans I had for new years eve.
I know I'll be fine by evening, and will come up with some better plans..

But now I am feeling too weird.. weird because I don't have words to explain what irritation I am feeling..
I think I am becoming, what they call to be fatuous, day by day...

Bat Niklegi To Phir Dur Talak Jayegi
Log Bewaja Udasi Ka Sabab Pochhenge
Ye Bhee Pochenge Ke Tum Itne Pareshan Kyo Ho
Ongliyan Uthenge Sokhe Huye Balo Ke Taraf
Ek Nazar Dekhenge Guzre Huye Salon Ke Taraf
Chodiyon Par Bhi Kai Tanz Kiye Jayenge
Kanpate Hathon Pe Bhee Fikre Kase Jayenge

Log Zalim Hai Har Ek Bat Ka Tanaa Denge
Baton Baton Mein Mera Zikr Bhee Le Ayenge
Unke Baton Ka Zara Sa Bhe Asar Mat Lena
Warna Chehre Ke Tasur Se Samajh Jayenge
Chaahe Kuchh Bhi Ho Sawalat Na Karna Unse
Mere Bare Me Koi Bat Na Karna Unse
Bat Niklegi To Phir Door Talak Jaayegi

A very Happy New Year to all..
...always Keep Smiling.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I don't know what I am supposed to write or what I am going to write.
So Meghna, there I am. Having conference with so much of participation from students' end was something cool.. Last time I ignored the event like anything, but this year things were entirely different. Not only we (research students) but even some M.Sc. students enjoyed it. Frankly speaking I am jealous of them now, for having such a experience in M.Sc. itself, when I missed it for being lazy enough. So may Profs. from big universities abroad, and almost 90% were department's past students; it gave a feeling of proud. And then there was high interaction.
One thing that they were smart in doing was inviting students to their place for higher studies.

And then got to know so many academic familes..who is whos guide..who is whos academic brother who is whos grand guide..like got to meet two of Fuller's academic sons..Time Series people must be knowing Dickey-Fuller Test.. :P. Got to know how many (love)marriages have been there within the department.. :P... How many statistician couples we have..

Talks were very much restricted to reliability and time series...I guess only these interest people now a days..

Felicitation for Rajarshi Sir was too good. Its preparation led me to know my academic father a lot. His versatility. I thought he is just into Stochastic, but that was not the case.

It was all fun over all..

1)I hate to sound like a reporter, but can't help it now; I am blocked..
2)Sorry Meghna what you wanted didn't come out. I hope some other time

Friday, December 11, 2009

background to a bad day

Having finished P.S. I Love You (Cecelia Ahern) in the afternoon day before yesterday, I started with Painter of Signs (R.K. Narayan) same day before going to bed. But yesterday when I went to Richa's room I found Man, woman and Child (Erich Segal) on Jyoti's rack, so picked it up in plan of starting as soon as RKN's finishes.
(Sometimes I am scared that if this goes on for a while, I have to include atleast one chapter on movies I watch and books I read (other than statistical....)

I was planning to sleep early so thought to get hold of some reading stuff. Had to go through 'Hoerl and Kennard' and then 'McLeish', but found this time to be inappropriate for Ridge Regression and Aggregate Data. So obvious choice was to have RKN, but don't know why my hands moved to ES. It was 11:15 PM I planned to have some 10-15 pages. There was nothing very specifically urging about it. Yet I kept reading that and consoled my inner self, by deciding to sleep after next 5 or 10 pages. I have not been ever so eager to continue reading anything, except for Da Vinci Code. That truly deserved the eagerness. But I still wonder what was in this compelling me, yet I liked it. All the way it kept me reminding of MASOOM (one directed by Shekhar Kapur)...except for the end.
After some time I avoided looking at clock so as to pretend to another self in me, who was yelling at me to sleep or study something, that never knew its so late. I thought it will be just an hour since I started..But I knew its past 2 AM when some 75 pages were left. So now there was no point in leaving it.
As a result I slept at 2:45., in a plan to get up late so as that I can concentrate on work for the rest of the day.
That wasn't it, some girl knocked at my door at just 7:35 AM. I wanted to bang her on the face like anything. She queried about some room mate who was home. I was so sleepy that I just nodded my head for yes no. Now she realized that if she doesn't go in a minute I am going to fall on her... said sorry and went back. But now I was sleepless just to realize that this was a kick start to bad day...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

strangers to friends to strangers again...

Mujhko bhi tarqeeb sikha koi yaar julahe,
Aksar tujhka dekha hai ye tana bunte,
Jab koi taga toot gaya yan khatm hua,
Fir se bandh ke aur sira koi jod ke usme aage bunne lagte ho,
Tere is tane me lekin ik bhi ganth rahe buntar ki,
dekha nahi sakta hai koi.

Maine bhi ik bar buna tha ek hi rishta,
Lekin uski saari girahen saaf nazar aaati hain mere yaar julahe,
Mujhko bhi tarqeeb sikha koi yaar julahe.

PS:This post is outcome of most hated ctrl+C and ctrl+V task; from title to the image nothing belongs to me...
sometimes we are so much helpless that even we can't express our own feelings..