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Friday, December 11, 2009

background to a bad day

Having finished P.S. I Love You (Cecelia Ahern) in the afternoon day before yesterday, I started with Painter of Signs (R.K. Narayan) same day before going to bed. But yesterday when I went to Richa's room I found Man, woman and Child (Erich Segal) on Jyoti's rack, so picked it up in plan of starting as soon as RKN's finishes.
(Sometimes I am scared that if this goes on for a while, I have to include atleast one chapter on movies I watch and books I read (other than statistical....)

I was planning to sleep early so thought to get hold of some reading stuff. Had to go through 'Hoerl and Kennard' and then 'McLeish', but found this time to be inappropriate for Ridge Regression and Aggregate Data. So obvious choice was to have RKN, but don't know why my hands moved to ES. It was 11:15 PM I planned to have some 10-15 pages. There was nothing very specifically urging about it. Yet I kept reading that and consoled my inner self, by deciding to sleep after next 5 or 10 pages. I have not been ever so eager to continue reading anything, except for Da Vinci Code. That truly deserved the eagerness. But I still wonder what was in this compelling me, yet I liked it. All the way it kept me reminding of MASOOM (one directed by Shekhar Kapur)...except for the end.
After some time I avoided looking at clock so as to pretend to another self in me, who was yelling at me to sleep or study something, that never knew its so late. I thought it will be just an hour since I started..But I knew its past 2 AM when some 75 pages were left. So now there was no point in leaving it.
As a result I slept at 2:45., in a plan to get up late so as that I can concentrate on work for the rest of the day.
That wasn't it, some girl knocked at my door at just 7:35 AM. I wanted to bang her on the face like anything. She queried about some room mate who was home. I was so sleepy that I just nodded my head for yes no. Now she realized that if she doesn't go in a minute I am going to fall on her... said sorry and went back. But now I was sleepless just to realize that this was a kick start to bad day...


Balvinder Singh said...

Deep, u are right, sleep deficit from the previous night can ruin the day but then u sufered from it because u like a good girl had been reading only and not late night partying etc.

That happens to me if i take my laptop to the bed and enter the blogging world. And that is only when Jeet is not with me.

Somehow, books can never keep me awake but they are the best medicine for me to go to sleep instantly.

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