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Monday, October 8, 2012

organised randomness

Once again, long time since I wrote. But this time I was really really busy. I think now I am actually working ;) But surfing can never be stopped. In the meanwhile I read many things which I felt would be of interest to some of you, so i kept on collecting them. I know its too creepy to read a post full of hyperlinks. But that is how this one is gonna be.

> Scientific Methods of catching a lion. This started when we came across new techniques of Big Game Hunting. Horward Eves, in his book on Mathematical stories & anecdotes talks about many such interesting methods, which got place in American Mathematical Monthly; and not even this, book also notes the events which led to the facetious contribution. Here is one of those methods: 
"THE METHOD OF INVERSIVE GEOMETRY. We place a spherical cage in the desert, enter it, and lock it. We perform an inversion with respect to the cage. The lion is then in the interior of the cage, and we
are outside." - Mathematical Circles Revisited: A Second Collection of Mathematical Stories and Anecdotes (Page - 77).

Here comes the actual reason for the title of this post. With the advancement of science, to be more precise statistics and computing, the time has come when one can randomly generate English sentences, which almost make sense. Here is a statistician sharing his R code. Story doesn't end here. People have developed softwares where one can generate research papers, grant proposals and what not. And things make so much sense that such stuff was published and read in conferences. If you are still far from surprise, look at this. There is somebody around the corner, who is generating RANDOM theorems and giving proofs to them.

A Most Unusual Bird -  Statistical adaptation of the Raven (a poem by E.A. Poe). Very interesting modification of the famous poem, bringing in Statisticians and Statistical theories.  This one was passed on by ASK. 

> A Komplexified websiteThis website is all about mathematics and humor  The best stuff I found here was  interpretation of the commonly used phrases in mathematical literature and different varieties of proofs. There were also some funny one-liners and quotes.

Thats all about the not-so-serious stuff.  Here are some chunks of serious news:

> This year on teachers' day, the Statistics department of Presidency University, Kolkata organized a special programme to felicitate the three living legends of statistics Gun-Gupta-Dasgupta. So does something click in your mind after reading these names. They are well known for their book Fundamentals of Statistics, which we used to read in our B.Sc. For reasons, which are not so clear to me, I felt very excited after reading this piece of news. What a great way to celebrate the day.

> On 12th August  we attended a memorable ceremony, where a commemorative blue plaque was placed on Dr. P. V. Sukhatme's residence. We had a really great time listening to incidences related to Dr. Sukhatme by Dr. J.V. Deshpande and Dr. Suhas Sukhatme. You may find the details of the event at ASK's post

PS: As always.. hoping to come back soon :)