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Thursday, December 27, 2012

parts of past

Met an old friend today.. she is more like a younger sister. Till like 2 years back, I had spent considerable time with her. We used to chat a lot, share tit bits.. with time it didn't remain much. Today when I met, I felt so light and good, we again chatted endlessly. And it reminded me of the past... 

There are so many layers of it. While coming back, some how I floated into the deeper past. There were so many things, so many people, so many expressions. I feel excited, embarrassed,  nostalgic.. everything at the same time. I was almost watching my past as a movie. I was riding, there was traffic on the road, but simultaneously there was jam in the mind, thoughts from the past were pushing each other to overtake and come to the front line. There were moments which were clear as crystal.. I could hear/read the exact sentences, see the expressions on the faces of people.. but then, also there were moments which were hidden in fog.. it was hard to recall what was actual course.. how things actually happened. There were friends, relations, blogs, posts, messages, emails, walks, songs, drawings.. I miss parts of them. I want to delete parts of them. That time.. it was good.. it was bad. But I am somehow missing it badly at this moment. As if it was a dear friend of mine. Might not be the perfect but close to heart. I want to hang around with it, for some more time. I am alone and I feel it wants to give me company.

चलो ना शोर में  बैठें, जहाँ कुछ न सुनाई दे
कि  इस ख़ामोशी में तो सोच भी बजती है कानों में

PS: There is a sudden rush of feelings. I don't wanna loose it as always. So just wrote whatever came  to my mind, without bothering the grammar or logic. But this is first time that I am unable to feel lighter, even after writing.

Post PS (added on December 28, 2012 - 2:40 PM): Those lines in Hindi are part of a त्रिवेणी  by Gulzar.

Monday, October 8, 2012

organised randomness

Once again, long time since I wrote. But this time I was really really busy. I think now I am actually working ;) But surfing can never be stopped. In the meanwhile I read many things which I felt would be of interest to some of you, so i kept on collecting them. I know its too creepy to read a post full of hyperlinks. But that is how this one is gonna be.

> Scientific Methods of catching a lion. This started when we came across new techniques of Big Game Hunting. Horward Eves, in his book on Mathematical stories & anecdotes talks about many such interesting methods, which got place in American Mathematical Monthly; and not even this, book also notes the events which led to the facetious contribution. Here is one of those methods: 
"THE METHOD OF INVERSIVE GEOMETRY. We place a spherical cage in the desert, enter it, and lock it. We perform an inversion with respect to the cage. The lion is then in the interior of the cage, and we
are outside." - Mathematical Circles Revisited: A Second Collection of Mathematical Stories and Anecdotes (Page - 77).

Here comes the actual reason for the title of this post. With the advancement of science, to be more precise statistics and computing, the time has come when one can randomly generate English sentences, which almost make sense. Here is a statistician sharing his R code. Story doesn't end here. People have developed softwares where one can generate research papers, grant proposals and what not. And things make so much sense that such stuff was published and read in conferences. If you are still far from surprise, look at this. There is somebody around the corner, who is generating RANDOM theorems and giving proofs to them.

A Most Unusual Bird -  Statistical adaptation of the Raven (a poem by E.A. Poe). Very interesting modification of the famous poem, bringing in Statisticians and Statistical theories.  This one was passed on by ASK. 

> A Komplexified websiteThis website is all about mathematics and humor  The best stuff I found here was  interpretation of the commonly used phrases in mathematical literature and different varieties of proofs. There were also some funny one-liners and quotes.

Thats all about the not-so-serious stuff.  Here are some chunks of serious news:

> This year on teachers' day, the Statistics department of Presidency University, Kolkata organized a special programme to felicitate the three living legends of statistics Gun-Gupta-Dasgupta. So does something click in your mind after reading these names. They are well known for their book Fundamentals of Statistics, which we used to read in our B.Sc. For reasons, which are not so clear to me, I felt very excited after reading this piece of news. What a great way to celebrate the day.

> On 12th August  we attended a memorable ceremony, where a commemorative blue plaque was placed on Dr. P. V. Sukhatme's residence. We had a really great time listening to incidences related to Dr. Sukhatme by Dr. J.V. Deshpande and Dr. Suhas Sukhatme. You may find the details of the event at ASK's post

PS: As always.. hoping to come back soon :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

parallel computing in R

I don't know what would have happened to me and my research if I didn't knew R. It has always been the most co-operative tool. But  RBM was never happy with the speed of programs, specially when I am doing simulations etc. So, one fine day I started googling, the ways to speed up the programs. I invested one complete day and got decent increase in speed. I was very happy and excited that I actually managed something cool; but next day his reactions made me realise that it is not sufficient. 
This led to following two consequences:
i) I was kind of disheartened; so neither I tried going in to greater depth nor did I try formulating and recording the procedure, at least for my record.
ii) I started looking into package making in R (which he always wanted me to do). In last 2 years I have tried doing that at least 2-3 times, but always gave up. But to my surprise, this time I managed within a day (will share that too, soon).

So there I was.. Within 2 days, I had successfully managed implementing 2 reasonably clumsy techniques. But my laziness never allowed me to go ahead with it.

It was only when MGK poked me, I realised that I cannot recall any of it. I didn't knew which files to look into. But eventually I managed. Thanks to ASK, who helped me in reviving. Before I forget again, I made a point to re-search, re-view and document...

Few important notes:
> I have used Revolution R Community 6.0 . One can also try with other versions of R like R 2.15.1, but then you need to make sure if all the required libraries/packages are downloaded/installed. Revolution R has got all of them.

> The version of parallel computing I have used, employs the notion of foreach (a replacement for standard "for statement"). It says "do this to everything in this set", rather than "do this x times".

> We have to register a parallel backend, otherwise foreach will execute tasks sequentially.

%dopar% executes the R expression using the currently registered backend.

So here is a sample code:

packages that have to be loaded

to detect the number of CPU cores on the current host

Creates a set of copies (say 2) of R running in parallel
cl = makeCluster(2) 

registers the parallel backend with the ‘foreach’ package

# to check if the multiple core is registered. If not, a warning will be issued that it is running sequentially. However, warning is issued only once
{  sample(c("H", "T"), 10000, replace=TRUE)

returns the number of execution workers in the currently registered doPar backend; should be same as input to makeCluster

# sample code
{    # a function which has to be executed T times
# x contains the sum of expression, on the last line of the loop (since argument to .combine is '+'). Here x is sum of I’s.

Some more notes:
 >   I am not sure, but my experimentation indicated that it is sufficient to register as many parallel backends as is the number of cores available. There was no improvement if I tried registering more backends than available no. of cores

>  Other arguments to .combine could be 'cbind', 'c', or some user defined function (not very sure about the usage). 

> Since the execution is parallel, make sure that the tasks are not related or dependent.

> This is not the only option available. Though I had to stick to this one as I was not able to exactly understand how to bring others to work, like doSNOW, which is a parallel adapter for SNOW (Simple Network of Workstations) package.  There were few which were not available for Windows, like doMC, which is a parallel adaptor for the multicore package. 

PS-1. Thanks are due to the authors of all the R help files I looked into; and offcourse the R team.
PS-2. Please post your valuable comments, so that we can get a better insight of the procedure.

Post PS: Hope to get back soon, with something light and random ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

मैं हारी, जा-जा री ..

Few days back, some how I stumbled across the movie Khubsoorat. I had watched it long time back and had liked it for many reasons.. one of them is Kaffila-making (probably by Gulzar). All in all its a movie which can make you smile anytime. I had never realised before that this movie is by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. I have always been fan of his movies like Chupke-Chupke, Golmaal, Bawarchi ..now i have another one to add. All of them are comedy in such a homely and warm manner, that a person like me keeps on revisiting them. 

By the way its not the only reason.. for this post and the title. When I revisited Khubsoorat, I noticed the song Piya Bawri, which I overlooked when I saw it for the first time; probably i was too immature back then, to notice such master pieces (planning to come up with some more, which I went crazy for). 
It is a beautiful song written by Gulzar. But what made it more special was the classical part sung by Ashok Kumar in the starting. I was familiar with Rail Gaddi, but I never expected something like this. 

I have no knowledge of classical music, but I went totally gaga over it. I think sometimes it is possible to love something without knowing the science behind it.

Just a 2 min clip with that special part ..

I haven't posted the full song, since its available everywhere. The starting part is not included in the song ANYWHERE, its only there in the movie.. 

Enjoy :)

PS:1. @ MGK & ASK - I know something else was expected today; but some more re-search & re-vision of the facts is required. So will be there with it soon ;)
PS:2. @ Those who are stiill wondering about the title - You got to listen the clip.

Friday, August 17, 2012

stopped writing OR not been writing !!!!

I accept that I have not been writing lately; but one (and everyone) should note that it is NOT same as i have stopped writing. I was really furious and agitated after reading that remark. I don't know why, but it hurt me. It felt like I have been kicked out of the community :-| It is just 115 days since I wrote here. I know that makes almost 1/3rd of an year; but I was actually busy. Just like those, who think that I have stopped writing, all this while even in my mind dozens of post were written and deleted. I had almost formulated so many of them. But somehow, i could never open blogger. Yes I accept, there is no pending/incomplete post waiting to get published. I never picked up the pen, or better way, never tapped my fingers on key board.

There are so many things which were worth sharing, but which lost their importance or my enthusiasm to write now. Since today morning I was so sure that I have to write now, no matter what blah comes out.

Now since I am already back since last 5 minutes I can't resist doing the random babble. Those who are sensitive to noise may please use cotton plugs (or equivalently close this tab).

Around a month back, I almost got a strong feeling (which stayed for around a week) to make my blog private and do all the random not-so-good babble in it.. so that i don't have to answer any questions about what I have written. But the best part of my busy-ness (or rather lazinees) was not even opening the blogger to make it private, forget about writing posts :P

Right now so many random things are circling my mind

> Have been watching tooooo many movies. there is no end to my to-watch list and to-download list. I keep on looking on imdb and then torrent and then vlc and then again something else on imdb and so on.. and the cycle goes on. One fine day I SHOULD share the list of movies which I would definitely recommend.

> Managed to speed up my R program..which didn't help much.

> Was able to make a package in R (though its a very basic one). It took me ages to understand the required instructions which are not as bad as they appeared to be. So it was another wishful plan to end my blog's fasting days by sharing simpler set of instructions to develop a package in R.

> Looked at old problems with a new lens..and i think its helping.. or at least there is some line which has hope.. and remember hope is a good thing :)

> Gathered the courage to face the reality; if something cannot be changed, one has to deal with it. So do I.

> Got into ST-5 P. Enjoying it like anything. A friend was right, when she said, when you teach something you sideline your personal reading and studies, because every time you read, if you really do it, you keep on discovering new and new things from the same content.
..and by the by, teaching is the best job in world  :)

> Realised that my problems are much smaller than those of many people around. Its true..given a chance to exchange, I would prefer my own set.

> Too many people are interested to know about  the tracking issues with India post (or sometimes Zoomin), so much that they never let me feel low, that i am not writing and hence there are no visitors on my place :D

>>>>>>> Too sleepy now to continue.

Hope to babble more, soon  ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Google Grievances

I have always been an admirer of the simplicity and elegance of Google products. But recently there have been many changes which have disheartened me to the core; and now on Akanksha's provocation I am here, posting my complaints:

Notebook: It was one lovely service. One could make virtual notebooks, notes, write comments and share. But it was removed. Then they forcibly imported all my Notebooks to Docs, which can never replace the facility and convenience of Notebook.

Docs: It is so hard to believe that, on right click, it doesn't even have the option of "Search Google for '____' ". Even the pages not associated with Google show this option, then why can't they have it in docs, which their own service. It is so annoying to Ctrl +C and Ctrl+V.

Buzz: Buzz was another cute thing, which they 'thought' would be replaced by Google+. It was such a convenient way to share 'whats running on your mind'.. and the notification appeared right in your Gmail. Why would somebody like me ever think of visiting Google+ every day.

Weird ideas of new look: Switching Gmail/Blogger to new look. Those new looks are so inconvenient to use. I avoided it for so long. But one fine day I was pushed into the new creepy version of both. It will take ages to get comfortable with the new version of blogger. Newer version of Gmail has specific problems. Like 
  - Option of "Reply via Chat" is missing
 - None of the themes is going too well (as was in older) in the newer version and they are not giving the option for creating own theme.
  - Scrolling only moves the main bar and the chat list remains fixed, which is quite irritating, atleast when I am using touchpad of laptop.

I was wondering what relief they get with such moves.. According to Akanksha,
"Probably they don't want their users to contract any neural disorder, that is why they keep on irritating and pricking our brains, to keep them active."

Friday, April 20, 2012

Real 'life' Analysis

One cannot get everything everywhere...

Something will be missing everywhere
Everything will be missing somewhere.

It is just like  ε and N in Analysis. Almost always, it is of the form,

∀ ε,  there exists a N, such that...
∀ N, there exists a ε, such that...

Things  true ∀ ε and ∀ N are rarity

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ankahee - the Unspoken

I always thought that Hollywood movies are far better then Bollywood movies. But I think I always forget that there are some gems which go unnoticed.. one of them is Ankahee (1985), which I watched today. It is such a beautiful piece of art.. fantastic acting and dialogues to go with a beautiful story. The song Thumak Thumak Pad was my favorite since the time I came across it for the first time (that was when Pt. Bhimsen Joshi passed away and I was going through his biography). Back then I never realised that the song would be from such an amazing movie.

In last week I have watched few other classic movies which I found literally wowww.. like Sooraj ka saatwan ghoda, Balika Badhu... and now many more are lined up.. like Paromitar ek din, Ek Doctor ki Maut... 

While I was reading about 100 years of Indian cinema in an TOI article, I was thinking there is also a parallel cinema which is unheard and unspoken of.

Suggestions for similar movies are welcome :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Zoomin vs India Post

This post is about an experience (precisely bad one) with a product/service based website. I was thinking of writing about it about a week back. But since issue settled down and I was a bit busy, so some how the urge to write, subsided. But today again I got an email, which totally turned me off. I don't know why some people love to act so dumb and idiotic.

Disclaimer: Its a typical consumer-complaint-forum kind stuff..super long. Think twice before you start.

So here it goes..

Zoomin.com is a website, where you can make your photobooks/flipbooks, photo mugs, canvas prints or anything that is related to photos. We used it for the first time in first week of February. We made two sample albums, and ordered them with the delivery address as Pune. As per order history, our parcel was dispatched within a day through FedEx and we got it in 2 days. The albums turned out to be really nice and I loved them. Though there were some problems while designing them, with save option, but all in all experience was tempting enough to go for more such albums. Quality of print, delivery, website.. everything can be genuinely rated Good. Another positive point is that, they give you your tracking number as well.

So I went ahead and planned another one. I thought of making an album for my parents and send it as a surprise. I gave myself a week's time for collecting photos and arranging them in best possible way. It was all done and ordered on 21st Feb and on 22nd Feb the status was shown as dispatched via India Post. I was super excited to see the expression on my parents' face when they will receive it.

Every thing seems good till here, then what is the bad part of it. Here it is...

I went on to track my order on the speed post website on 23rd, but it was showing "Consignment not Found". Initially I thought that may be IndiaPost website isn't working. Coincidentally very same day AK posted something for Mumbai. Within few hours her courier started getting tracked. So I was prompted to ping the Helpdesk. I presented my situation. Within 30 minutes my query was answered  Verryyyy quick na.. Here is the response... 

I would like to inform you that the your order has been processed and ready to dispatch on February 22 via India post. But India post picks up orders in bulk from Zoomin together and hence your order has been delayed.
However, your order has been left from Zoomin and hence the tracking details will now get updated on the India post website soon. We have sent this order out using India Post since your shipping address was not serviceable any of the other couriers. India Post ideally takes 1-2 weeks (Saturday and Sundays not included) to deliver an order. India post also takes longer time to update their website with the tracking details.

I didn't like the following in the answer:

> India Post takes 1-2 weeks (Saturday and Sundays not included)
> India post takes longer time to update their website with the tracking details.

I have used India Post many times and I can confidently say that the above two statements cannot be given as if they are universal truth. Anyways, there was nothing I can do, other than being patient. Tracking status remained same. On 24th I was almost sure that the Zoomin hasn't dispatched my order yet, since they send in bulk (when it comes to IndiaPost). So this time I requested them to tell me the exact shipment date, so that I can get an idea, when it will actually reach. 

In the mean while, within 3 days AK's courier was already delivered, i.e. on 27th, which was sent on 23rd. 

This time my query was answered on 29th Feb. I was informed that parcel was dispatched on 22nd Feb and due to some internal technical issues with the Post systems, the tracking details have not been updated. They again said that they are feeling unfortunate that my shipping address is not serviceable by other courier services, that is why they have to use IndiaPost... and it will take 1-2 weeks.

I knew things were fine in AK' s case, so there was no point in doubting speedpost services. The Zoomin team appeared so stubborn in accepting their responsibility, that I gave up on arguing with them.

On the morning of 1st March, I saw the changed status of my parcel. It said that the parcel was dispatched on 29th Feb. For a day I believed that helpdesk was right, and that the status is getting updated delayed. But as I saw the tracking website getting updated, I knew it was dispatched on 29th only and will reach home in 3-4 days. Just to vent out my anger and frustration, I wrote to them rudely, about not informing the actual shipment date. I was told that due to technical problems and the strike at Post system (which was only a day long) tracking details are not getting updated. They assured me that it will reach in next 12-15days. If it was already dispatched on 22nd (and not on 29th), then why next 12-15 days.

Anyways, it did reach on 3rd March. Mom-dad were very happy to see the surprise. I was excited and happy too. And though I intended to write the above story, but there was inertia. Until today when I received another email from them

Unlike our other courier partners, India post only picks up orders in bulk from ZoomIn. As a result, all orders ready for dispatch on 22nd Feb was picked up on 29th Feb.

I knew it in very first conversation itself, that is why I asked them almost 10 times (which includes Helpdesk, FB and voice call) to tell me the exact shipment date. But they kept on repeating that.. it was dispatched on 22nd.. India Post is slow in delivery and status update.. they are sorry that they have to use IndiaPost.. and the blah... I got exactly copy pasted emails again and again..

How smartly they kept on pushing the blame on a government service, from which they know no one will come fighting. I didn't stop believing IndiaPost, because I had used it too many times to change my opinion. But if it were some ignorant customer, how easily they would have tarnished somebody else's image to maintain their own.

If somebody from the team is reading this, I hope they realise how much time and energy I wasted in bothering about the tracking status 5 times a day, writing to helpdesk/FB and now writing this post... if at all they could have given the expected (if not the actual) shipment date. 

Despite the story, I still intend to use the website. But I don't feel the same.. believe can't remain same forever. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


दिल के दिये में उम्मीद का तेल ख़त्म ही नहीं होता ।
डर लगता है इसकी लौ तुम्हे जला न दे।
पर अगर किसी दिन बाती ही इस तेल में डूब गयी तो ...

थक गए हैं अब कदम।
कुछ देर पहले एक आवाज़ आई थी, लगा की बस आ रही है।
बहुत राहत मिली थी दिल को,
कितनी देर हम बस स्टैंड पर खड़े इंतज़ार करते रहे।
नहीं आई वो।
फिर चल पड़े हैं...
फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि अब अँधेरा छा गया है,
उम्मीद का सूरज जो ढल गया कुछ देर पहले।

PS: Few random archived compositions from my mobile

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Of awards & tags

I had often seen people tagging/awarding/ nominating each other on blogs. There is always some kind of picture associated and then some rules, which apparently demand you to carry forward the chain. Somehow I never found it very appealing. Once or twice I came across few interesting tags, with questions which I wanted to answer on blog, but then there was nobody who tagged me :(

Yesterday I received an award for Versatile Blogger from Cynosure and then not within 24 hours I was tagged as well, by Pages off life. Thanks a lot my dear friends.

But then I have got so many doubts in the concept of such a convention. Do we nominate fellow bloggers OR give them the award. If one wants to give more people, why can't we simply change the rule..who initiates them.. etc..etc.

Somehow, I don't feel like going by the rules, at least at this moment. One fine day I will definitely tag some people and give the award to somebody who is really a versatile blogger, unlike me ;) In the meanwhile I don't mind sharing some random things about myself, which was one of the rules in both of them. Lets see how many I can.

So here I go..

1. I loovve watching hollywood movies. Given that I have time I can go on for hours. I watch and rewatch many of them, because I tend to forget important scenes, which makes it fun to watch them again :P I think I need to dedicate a seperate post on this :-o

2. I like to read about Statisticians and Mathematicians, their biographies basically. How and what they did, their genealogy, etc.. somehow it gives me great pleasure. Though its a different part of the story that my motivation never stays for too long :(

3. I recently realised that I am pretty decent at cooking. Though i don't get too may opportunities to do that :-o

4. Cycling relaxes my mind exponentially. Howsoever irritated or frustrated I am, once I am riding I tend to soothe out very quickly. Somehow it ALWAYS reminds me of the song Meri zindagi me aaye ho (ARMAAN).. It automatically brings my smile back :) just watch this video

5. I like speaking (literally) to myself while I am riding (my scooty). I can shout if I am angry and sing song if i am hopping. Like today morning I was singing kisi ki muskurahton pe ho nisar. Last evening it was Statistics making sense :P

6. I often get stuck on many songs and they remain on the loop of my player for hours, days or probably weeks. But here is one which has been there for months now. It is jab pyar kia to darna kya from Mughaleazam. Although complete song is a master piece, but the part which I am crazy about is till 2:05 mins. That classical clip is simply AMAZING.

7. Photos are apparently irresistible. I just love playing with them. Be it collage on picasa or video on movie-maker or photobook on zoomin, I can spend hours with them; and the outcome always makes me feel so content :) :)

8. All in all programming has been the most interesting part of all the courses I did, right from schooling to research; writing codes, thinking of logics, this has been so much fun. But all this is with underlying mathematics and statistics, otherwise you might come asking why ain't I turned programmer :D

9. I am too forgetful. Often I can't recall important formulaes and theorems and page nos :( Leaving the studies apart, it becomes too painful when I can't recall scene from a movie while doing its postmortem with friends :'(

10. I still crave to listen Basant ki Waar from Bhai Gurnam Singh. Its been more than 5 years since the last time. His was the best. Whenever I hear the waars anywhere I just miss Chowk gurdwara :-(

11. I am kind of stuck up character. I mean I don't like to move on. I am not ready to change my gmail skin, I am sticking to older version for whatever little time Google allows me to. I am so nostalgic for my blog template and everything about it that, I can never think of getting any fancy dress on. Same holds for moving to wordpress. Probably this is my general attitude towards life. Something like reluctance, as in Who moved my cheese OR may be its simply nostalgia. How to differentiate :-o

PS: It was really fun writing down so much about own self. Nice excuse to spend time with the person called ME. Suddenly so many more are coming to my mind. Probably one fine day part-2 will follow. Assume yourself  auto tagged and do try writing down few random things. I am sure you will enjoy.

Post PS: Probably this one is gong to be my longest post with poorest possible english :(

Monday, February 20, 2012

Statistics Making Sense

What a pleasure it was to understand the double meaning behind this statement.. I was wondering over its beauty for all my way back home. If you are a real statistician just FEEL it :)

PS: Bhai i'll get back to you over IT soon.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

he got Nobel for his most trivial work...

..that is what is commonly said about John Forbes Nash, Jr.

Came across an amazing, 17 years old, article from The New York Times about John Nash. The Lost Years of a Nobel Laureate. Despite of the fact that I have already watched A Beautiful Mind, it still managed to hold my attention till the end of 3821 words it has got. Do read it and you will realise what made me share this article.

PS: It is written by Sylvia Nasar, who is the author of his biography as well. I am completely tempted to read the book now :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

System is about to restart

So.. Its time to get back. As always, too much of stuff happening around. I feel like reporting most of them. Sometimes I am inexpressive, sometimes its my laziness..and at others I am stopped by a fear that I'll waste too much of time in posting. I wish I was like my little bro. I am really getting inspiration from him. It feels so good to read (as well as write) random posts, unlike usual me, who keeps on formulating each and every post.

Last evening as we came across few interesting though random observations, I felt a strong urge to random reporting :P Here is our brain storming from the last evening. Enjoy reading :) :)

So here I go with a random update. Few minutes back when I tried sharing the same post on FB. It reported the following error
click to enlarge and read the crap >.<
Lord only knows what was unsafe in our content :-|
Can anyone help or suggest??

PS: Hoping to be regular now onwards ...with new energy ;)