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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

मैं हारी, जा-जा री ..

Few days back, some how I stumbled across the movie Khubsoorat. I had watched it long time back and had liked it for many reasons.. one of them is Kaffila-making (probably by Gulzar). All in all its a movie which can make you smile anytime. I had never realised before that this movie is by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. I have always been fan of his movies like Chupke-Chupke, Golmaal, Bawarchi ..now i have another one to add. All of them are comedy in such a homely and warm manner, that a person like me keeps on revisiting them. 

By the way its not the only reason.. for this post and the title. When I revisited Khubsoorat, I noticed the song Piya Bawri, which I overlooked when I saw it for the first time; probably i was too immature back then, to notice such master pieces (planning to come up with some more, which I went crazy for). 
It is a beautiful song written by Gulzar. But what made it more special was the classical part sung by Ashok Kumar in the starting. I was familiar with Rail Gaddi, but I never expected something like this. 

I have no knowledge of classical music, but I went totally gaga over it. I think sometimes it is possible to love something without knowing the science behind it.

Just a 2 min clip with that special part ..

I haven't posted the full song, since its available everywhere. The starting part is not included in the song ANYWHERE, its only there in the movie.. 

Enjoy :)

PS:1. @ MGK & ASK - I know something else was expected today; but some more re-search & re-vision of the facts is required. So will be there with it soon ;)
PS:2. @ Those who are stiill wondering about the title - You got to listen the clip.


Akanksha said...

1.Hope you stumble across many more such masterpieces, so that we get to read about them and at the same time enjoy them...
2.They say 'Love is blind', so it's totally possible to love something without knowing the science behind it and I think that's specially true for classical music..
3.Loved the placing of hyphens in the PS:1

Madhuri Kulkarni said...

Really a nice post! Khubsoorat is my fav too. I like Rekha's character, the way it is portrayed. It is good to enjoy something without knowing the basics bez then u dont realize the flaws in it! U dont know the ways by which it could had been made better either.
Looking forward to the post mentioned in PS:1.......

priyanka said...

Thanks for the clip its too good.I am one of fan this movie. Good post. :-)

Meghana said...

Its my fav movie too.. do not know how many times i have watched it. It is one of the evergreen movies that anybody can watch anytime :)
BTW, I am curious about the post mentioned in PS:1 :p

deep said...

@ Akanksha-
1. Hmmm.. But more hope and motivation is required for reporting here and sharing with you all. So many of them have gone unmentioned in recent past :(
2. I initially thought that my blind love for classical music would be temporary (more like a crush), but as it is still on, i think i m serious ;)
3. :)

@ Madhuri Kulkarni- Thats so true.. I missed both the points, that we could neither find the flaws nor can we think of making it better.. so that we actually enjoy without bothering our brains.
Post will be there soon. Didn't knew it needs so much of homework :(

@Priyanka- Thank you :)

@Meghana- :D nothing special dear. Its just about my plan to share how-to-handle-parallel-computing-in-R, something i came to know recently. I think you must be already familiar with it.

Sid said...

Thanks for this post... it is a reinvention of Dadamuni for me too :)
What is Kaffila-making, btw?

deep said...

It is like saying usual daily stuff in poetic/rhythmic style. I don't think I will be able to explain it.. You might as well watch the movie itself, have few examples and define it more explicitly :)

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