Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Children's Day

I guess by now, you must have seen these creative doodles. If not then have a look at the creativity of small kids from India.. How far they can see, what we are unable to..
appreciable work...

Invigilation duty

Two days ago, due to some sudden problem, Ramanathan Sir gave me duty of invigilating, actuarial students, for 2 hours (some internal assessment). I thought waste of two hours, and will be bored. But I took some problem with me for solving.
But it was entirely opposite. It was fun doing that. All the time I was wondering and remembering my days, when I used to be on that side. When they used to look here and there then it reminded me how I also did that so often. I had a strong dislike for filling sheets over sheets, which most of the friends used to do; so my answer sheet used to be have least possible number of pages (one reason was I used to study least so nothing to write :P). And consequently, I was always in habit of running away from Examination hall, even if I had things to write, as I was very lazy. And if in case someone tries to gets up before me, it was like a challenge to me; and then I can't allow another one to do that.
It always appeared to my mind, to tell the teacher, please take viva, but don't ask me to write. Aur agar nahi araha to why to keep pondering over the question paper until the last minute. Is some angel about to appear all of a sudden and tell me what is the answer to that question?..
(Back to present...) Alas, many of the students did the same. Kept staring on the paper and window alternatively. And for a change on there class fellows too. I have no idea about the difficulty level of paper. Couldn't make out a single question (except for the last question which asked about some Taylor's law, in which I knew the word Taylor, atleast :()
I thought of making some sketch, but it was more interesting to sit idle and watch them.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


                There was never a sound beside the wood but one,

                And that was my long scythe whispering to the ground.
                                                                -Robert Frost

Estimating Functions

Inderdeep Kaur

As usual I was scared in the starting, but thats fine.
Estimating function approach is cool. But as sir said it depends on you whether omelette is important to you or the procedure by which it is bad, so people had objections. It will take time before tehy realize the power of this approach

Missed IDRS-3 by Richa (some simultaneous equation models.. :o)

just a dream

I don't know what it was..did it meant something more, to be interpreted, or simply a weird dream..
We are going somewhere, we pass by a airport, see a plane taking off. Our 4 wheeler takes a turn to a bad road. Then theres all sand on the way...on one side, big mountain covered with sand..and other side is barren land. There are other vehicles on the road. Suddenly the plane which we saw taking off has landed on that road...stops at one side(isn't it too weird now...what an imagination of dream...smart plane..!!!)
then as we pass through, it starts like some other vehicle on road. And now its chasing us.. May be we are victim of some plan..? Soon its going to bump into us...we have nowhere to escape, other than having the last moment of our life. But something else comes in and we are saved.
There was more of it..but I can't remember properly what it was. But on the other hand scenes from the initial part which I have described, is not going out of mind.

I am totally clueless. Whether it meant something or shall I leave it her?