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Saturday, November 7, 2009

just a dream

I don't know what it was..did it meant something more, to be interpreted, or simply a weird dream..
We are going somewhere, we pass by a airport, see a plane taking off. Our 4 wheeler takes a turn to a bad road. Then theres all sand on the way...on one side, big mountain covered with sand..and other side is barren land. There are other vehicles on the road. Suddenly the plane which we saw taking off has landed on that road...stops at one side(isn't it too weird now...what an imagination of dream...smart plane..!!!)
then as we pass through, it starts like some other vehicle on road. And now its chasing us.. May be we are victim of some plan..? Soon its going to bump into us...we have nowhere to escape, other than having the last moment of our life. But something else comes in and we are saved.
There was more of it..but I can't remember properly what it was. But on the other hand scenes from the initial part which I have described, is not going out of mind.

I am totally clueless. Whether it meant something or shall I leave it her?


Meera said...

Hii,dont thing about it 2 much.tune shayad us din tumhari trip ke bare me socha hoga nahi to snaps dekhe honge and speciasly related to airoplane. same thing always happening with me. jada sochane ki aadat lagi hai and koyi chig aise sochane ki chhut gayi to vo sapane me aa jati hai,nothing else than this...

Swaram said...

Oh dear! It must just be a mix of all that u were thinking abt - they all combined in a weird fashion ;)

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