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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cycle of Thoughts or Blah

So hopefully there is an end to the solitude, I mean as the last comment says: ‘vacation’ of solitude ends…because I am on my real vacations :)

It is almost a month now, since I have scribbled anything here. I am not used to being so irregular anywhere. I always make my presence felt once in a while any where it be (except for a few exceptions). And I don’t want this blog to belong to that class of exceptions.

I thought and thought again over the possible reasons..
> Increase in the load of work (I am not used to this)
> Worrying a lot about few issues which I should have left with time to be solved (I always do this)
>Coming across some new blogs which in a way I liked and started reading and always look up to… now don’t expect me to list them here.. :P
(none of them are on any social issues and over that most of them are non-fictional, hopfully)

By the by at small note I should mention that to my surprise I just noticed today that number of blogs I follw(Publicly/Anonymously) has become 30..

Whenever I come across any such new thing (in ref. to the blogs encountered), I always keep wondering about…about many things at the same time...
>Not only the face, how vivid could be the grey matter of the any two brains, carrying beauty of its own?
>How are some people able to write something so interesting so that I have to go back to all older posts and finish reading them up?
>Whenever I read them why does my brain stops working in a way to write something of my own? Do my expectations from the own self increase, and there comes up a desire to write something as captivating as those? Am I missing the usual spontaneity with which I used to write?

Anything that happened be it good or bad or usual, I used to mention here (provided its worth for that). So is it that nothing is happening or may be things are happening but I am unable to scratch them. Even I am finding it difficult to do it now; so is it the peace of mind that’s lacking?
May be Yes.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Solitude, a good place to visit, but a poor place to stay."

Isn't it?