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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Of awards & tags

I had often seen people tagging/awarding/ nominating each other on blogs. There is always some kind of picture associated and then some rules, which apparently demand you to carry forward the chain. Somehow I never found it very appealing. Once or twice I came across few interesting tags, with questions which I wanted to answer on blog, but then there was nobody who tagged me :(

Yesterday I received an award for Versatile Blogger from Cynosure and then not within 24 hours I was tagged as well, by Pages off life. Thanks a lot my dear friends.

But then I have got so many doubts in the concept of such a convention. Do we nominate fellow bloggers OR give them the award. If one wants to give more people, why can't we simply change the rule..who initiates them.. etc..etc.

Somehow, I don't feel like going by the rules, at least at this moment. One fine day I will definitely tag some people and give the award to somebody who is really a versatile blogger, unlike me ;) In the meanwhile I don't mind sharing some random things about myself, which was one of the rules in both of them. Lets see how many I can.

So here I go..

1. I loovve watching hollywood movies. Given that I have time I can go on for hours. I watch and rewatch many of them, because I tend to forget important scenes, which makes it fun to watch them again :P I think I need to dedicate a seperate post on this :-o

2. I like to read about Statisticians and Mathematicians, their biographies basically. How and what they did, their genealogy, etc.. somehow it gives me great pleasure. Though its a different part of the story that my motivation never stays for too long :(

3. I recently realised that I am pretty decent at cooking. Though i don't get too may opportunities to do that :-o

4. Cycling relaxes my mind exponentially. Howsoever irritated or frustrated I am, once I am riding I tend to soothe out very quickly. Somehow it ALWAYS reminds me of the song Meri zindagi me aaye ho (ARMAAN).. It automatically brings my smile back :) just watch this video

5. I like speaking (literally) to myself while I am riding (my scooty). I can shout if I am angry and sing song if i am hopping. Like today morning I was singing kisi ki muskurahton pe ho nisar. Last evening it was Statistics making sense :P

6. I often get stuck on many songs and they remain on the loop of my player for hours, days or probably weeks. But here is one which has been there for months now. It is jab pyar kia to darna kya from Mughaleazam. Although complete song is a master piece, but the part which I am crazy about is till 2:05 mins. That classical clip is simply AMAZING.

7. Photos are apparently irresistible. I just love playing with them. Be it collage on picasa or video on movie-maker or photobook on zoomin, I can spend hours with them; and the outcome always makes me feel so content :) :)

8. All in all programming has been the most interesting part of all the courses I did, right from schooling to research; writing codes, thinking of logics, this has been so much fun. But all this is with underlying mathematics and statistics, otherwise you might come asking why ain't I turned programmer :D

9. I am too forgetful. Often I can't recall important formulaes and theorems and page nos :( Leaving the studies apart, it becomes too painful when I can't recall scene from a movie while doing its postmortem with friends :'(

10. I still crave to listen Basant ki Waar from Bhai Gurnam Singh. Its been more than 5 years since the last time. His was the best. Whenever I hear the waars anywhere I just miss Chowk gurdwara :-(

11. I am kind of stuck up character. I mean I don't like to move on. I am not ready to change my gmail skin, I am sticking to older version for whatever little time Google allows me to. I am so nostalgic for my blog template and everything about it that, I can never think of getting any fancy dress on. Same holds for moving to wordpress. Probably this is my general attitude towards life. Something like reluctance, as in Who moved my cheese OR may be its simply nostalgia. How to differentiate :-o

PS: It was really fun writing down so much about own self. Nice excuse to spend time with the person called ME. Suddenly so many more are coming to my mind. Probably one fine day part-2 will follow. Assume yourself  auto tagged and do try writing down few random things. I am sure you will enjoy.

Post PS: Probably this one is gong to be my longest post with poorest possible english :(


CYNOSURE said...


Richa said...

Well said Deep :)

You have been a wonderful mentor in so many things and from the list above, some I am yet to take up..

Pleasure to know you again :)

Akanksha said...

Nice to see you through your own eyes....
and happy to note that this version of yours is not drastically different from the one seen through my eyes...

deep said...

@ CYNOSURE: Itna bol dia, ki logon ki bolti hee band ho gai ;) :D

@ Richa: Thanks dear for the goodie words :)
but I am wondering what can be taken up from that list :o

@ Akanksha: :) :)

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