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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

System is about to restart

So.. Its time to get back. As always, too much of stuff happening around. I feel like reporting most of them. Sometimes I am inexpressive, sometimes its my laziness..and at others I am stopped by a fear that I'll waste too much of time in posting. I wish I was like my little bro. I am really getting inspiration from him. It feels so good to read (as well as write) random posts, unlike usual me, who keeps on formulating each and every post.

Last evening as we came across few interesting though random observations, I felt a strong urge to random reporting :P Here is our brain storming from the last evening. Enjoy reading :) :)

So here I go with a random update. Few minutes back when I tried sharing the same post on FB. It reported the following error
click to enlarge and read the crap >.<
Lord only knows what was unsafe in our content :-|
Can anyone help or suggest??

PS: Hoping to be regular now onwards ...with new energy ;)


माधुरी कुलकर्णी said...

Back with bang? Welcome back! Its good to see ur post after a loo...ong time.

CYNOSURE said...

hahaha...don't worry, these days FB is fuzzing around on everything... :P

Akanksha said...

Nice to see you back.... Hope you'll regain the momentum soon....

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