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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I don't know what I am supposed to write or what I am going to write.
So Meghna, there I am. Having conference with so much of participation from students' end was something cool.. Last time I ignored the event like anything, but this year things were entirely different. Not only we (research students) but even some M.Sc. students enjoyed it. Frankly speaking I am jealous of them now, for having such a experience in M.Sc. itself, when I missed it for being lazy enough. So may Profs. from big universities abroad, and almost 90% were department's past students; it gave a feeling of proud. And then there was high interaction.
One thing that they were smart in doing was inviting students to their place for higher studies.

And then got to know so many academic familes..who is whos guide..who is whos academic brother who is whos grand guide..like got to meet two of Fuller's academic sons..Time Series people must be knowing Dickey-Fuller Test.. :P. Got to know how many (love)marriages have been there within the department.. :P... How many statistician couples we have..

Talks were very much restricted to reliability and time series...I guess only these interest people now a days..

Felicitation for Rajarshi Sir was too good. Its preparation led me to know my academic father a lot. His versatility. I thought he is just into Stochastic, but that was not the case.

It was all fun over all..

1)I hate to sound like a reporter, but can't help it now; I am blocked..
2)Sorry Meghna what you wanted didn't come out. I hope some other time


Srivats said...

Good to know you have enjoyed the get to gather, all the best!

Meghana said...

hey deep, its ok...
the thing is we just wanted to be there.. but time didn't permit..
so the only hope to know what we missed, is you..
So sometime later tell us what and how much u enjoyed ...

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