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Monday, April 12, 2010

happy since lucky

It is unlike the times when I am sad/upset about something; and I want to dump my frustration on blog. Instead, right now I am really happy and contented about everything I have, every situations I am in. Its not that all of a sudden some positive incidents happened; but lately I have seen few friends around who are really suffering. You don't need jump to conclusions like I am happy on my friends problems. It is just that I am feeling lucky that situations have been so much favorable to me. I have always got people in my life who were kind to me; who made me grow up as a complete being. A family who is totally understanding, liberal and non-pushy, yet caring.. Friends who have always tried their best to understand this weirdo (some couldn't, but then it gave me insight when to expect and from whom) .. Teachers and guides who are caring enough (I am damn sure there are few people who are jealous of me for this fact) ..and I guess list is unending :-)

Though my giggly, naughty, kiddish, chattering and friendly attitude created problems for me; but then it is the one bit in my nature which brought smiles to people around me. It makes me really happy when I remember friends smiling over those Todas on desk or those cartoons in sampling notebook or when people laughed on the way I mimic teachers or speak Marathi in kachra ascent. Ability to spread smiles is also something everyone might not have. So another reason I am lucky.

I don't mean to boast things about me. Its just for a change at least we should be thankful and happy about all the goody stuff God has given us.

PS: Internal assessment for Finance is just 21 hours away, and unusually I am not at all tensed. Which is something I should be worried about, because people like me work only under pressure. I don't know what I am going to do ..I am not at all under pressure.. :O


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

hmmm..its necessary that one should understand and notice the positive and favorable things that have occurred........and you were able to do that....its really gud.......:)

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