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Thursday, February 4, 2010

titleless again

When lectures are like those in pastimes the one is forced with these. But when they are some thing like advance stochastic processes and stochastic models in finance, and still one is interested to make one on the side bench smile, then the only choice one is left with is this...
(kaam chalau..)

So now whenever you see some such thing on the desks in classroom at ground floor or that at the top .. this is not meant for everyone reading...then you don't have to wonder who the artist is.. :D
Tarang was the one who used to make these in graduation days, and called them TODA. I still wonder what could be the reason behind giving this name to a drawing of baby elephant's back(u see I have to mention that in order to make sure that people who look at this don't see something else in the figure :P)..may be like many other things in life this is also arbitrary.

Today I was having breakfast with a friend. During chat we landed on drawing and sketches. And that fellow shared his experience. He used to be in trouble whenever asked to make a sketch of girl (..why only girls :O .. :P); he did one simple thing as a escape: made back side. And teacher used to say why you are always behind them..(yes dear why not face them :D)..hehe..
So this reminded me of these cute Todas on all the desks of department I have been making since 2 years or so...u see the point.. it could be anything..girls or elephants.. drawing of back side is easier.. :P

On a serious note I am in some sort of problem now, in the sense that up til now I used to utter all crap and blah here, and never cared for what I wrote, most of which was some dull, dumb, sad stuff which always misrepresented me. Ideally I always intend to write not only all the negative stuff but all such things which made me smile, laugh, some thing encouraging too. But most of the time I catch hold of blog only when I am upset. I try to edit this tendency, but I am helpless. I never cared about what people reading might think about me, because most of the time they were strangers and didn't knew me in person; if at all some of them know me they know how weird I am, so no botheration. No problem up til here. But it arrives when someone who knows you, but doesn't know how weird you are starts reading, and is wondering..

PS: I am totally confused about
>what I was asked to write early in the morning (something humorous)
>what I was thinking to write few hours back
>what I started with
>what it has turned into

anyways atleast all of it is not the usual depressing stuff. :)


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

firstly nice drawing.....and now when it comes to drawing then...i must say that as far as girls are considered.....Do face them from the back side...they are really very very complex creations of GOD......:P

Nachiket said...

nice drawing :)

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