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Friday, February 19, 2010


I always heard people saying there is lot to do when one is in research; one has to spend days and nights, one has to struggle, and what not. But during last 8 months I never felt much of any such thing. No one ever pushed me, and on my own how lazy I am, you know that. So the point of interest here is that situation has somehow turned upside down in a while. Stress is showing increasing trend, all for good; making me say, ab lag raha hai reasearch kar rahe hain. Some of it is not random, and could be attributed to GBM, making me do two not very trivial topics at the same time, forgetting that I have to work on my research problem too. In his own words, "Research students have got time. They can carry the problems with them, wherever they go. They are free, because they don't have many courses." :( But sir your course is equivalent to full stretch of 5 courses.
Anyways no point in getting sad over this, it was me who always want to study all this; and i still do love it. . thank you Sir :)

By the by I guess am almost over with that Introduction + ... + Conclusion crap (thanks to every one who cheered me up in the comments section); except for some n no. of readings by sir and the changes to follow. Copy + Paste helped me to some extent but the struggle there was that I find myself too lazy for that too.. I hope at this somebody doesn't slaps me saying i don't have rights to do research.. :(

In the mean while, during all the above ... when I was stuck with something to write, I was too occupied, and over that this chatter box habit washes everything off. I have often complained about some people, that they used to write so well in student life but now after getting into some sucking IT job they almost stopped. I used to say finding few moments could never be an issue; but now i realize how difficult it is to get some such moments.

PS: 1)Have you ever tried talking to yourself in morning ...do i sound stupid?; its fun, give a try ;)

PS: 2) Wrote to some people, with whom I haven't communicated since long; made me feel great :)

PS: 3) Yesterday evening was completely dedicated to some bursts of laughter (from chameli to chameleon) :D
PS: PS: 3) Looking back made me realize, that there are not many such moments, so I should treasure them :)

PS: 4) Understood how change is the only constant in life :O


Nachiket said...

lyf will b simple if u follow ur instincts...

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