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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

time for fun and memories

When I was in class 3 I saw a beach for the first time. It was Juhu beach; crowded messed up kind, so there wasn't any specific affinity towards the tides.
Later during post grads in Pune I got to see them in the real sense, not those crowded and dirty but the real lovely clean ones. and as I was with batch mates so no restrictions, and our enjoyment tended to infinity. We used to go inside water til it was to our waists or so, and then wait for tides to come and drown us, and taste the salty water, which appeared like some weird version of Manchurian.. :P Then we were literally dragged back, as none of us wanted to get out of it..

And it was not just the beach, what complemented our trips, was the way ..
I have then first time seen some road so beautiful, with clouds not letting the vehicles move, drizzling, then that greenery as we approached Konkan coast didn't let me move eyes from the window..

As I was not a part of M.Sc batch so was not interested to join these guys for the trip last semester, but I got to see sea thrice in 6 days in October during my visit to Kerala. We just saw the sea needs to be emphasized as I was with family, so no point of going inside. I don't know why they are so scared. Why should one be, of that clean, deep, beautiful, blue water body.. :O

This time its Harne beach (again Konkan) . But the difference this time is that something inside me convinced the other me to join them. Even if not many friends are going, even if I won't be able to yell and shout on the way and in the beach as I always did u see I am senior now :( .... even if ..whatever...
Still I want to enjoy again those days, and want to be there and remeber the days when I was there with my special friends.. :) I miss you all ...

for the first time i saw the flower of lady finger plant ..


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

hmmm...it always gives u pleasure when you remember such beautiful moments....nice collection.....:)

Balvinder Singh said...

Wow, having a rollicking time. Nice pics. Actually the first beach that i saw was Marina at chennai during my Army induction training and i was disappointed because of its dirty mess. It was not until our unit moved to Trivandrum and we visited one of Asia's most clean, beautiful and natural beaches there that i started enjoying the swim in the ocean.

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