Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Saturday, May 8, 2010


yes.. i think they will remain the loveliest forever (to me). At the rough and hard moments, when human as well as the nature looks dull, tired by the work pressure, it cheers up everyone(/thing) around. Whether its that first small drop at the arrival of monsoon or the sudden drizzling, it always knows how to bring smile and satisfaction to creatures on earth.

Yesterday evening we had the later of two. But it was perfect. Actually it knows how to be perfect in the world of imperfects (..i know it is sounding so illogical, anyways..). There were some winds which uprooted a couple of trees, but despite of everything, evening couldn't have been better than the one I had yesterday. I was all by myself, just looking at the greener shade of trees (they seemed to be blushing). The noisy-mind that was totally clattered, settles down, and is at peace with such a sight. And then what added to such a moment is a slow walk around the campus.. with drops still around it made me look funny, to people rushing to their destinations, but only I knew the pleasure I felt..

I faced the sky, and drops washed away the worries from my eyes..


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