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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

not arbitrary..

Can I once again plan not to plan anymore for the future..
Yup..I am tired of making plans and anlysing the future events before they have happened...then offcourse as they are not supposed to happen according to me..and they don't...I feel sad about it...
Isn't it good to take one day at a time..or more preferably..one moment at a time..?
I hope soon i'll do that, taking things as they come.
All life brings with it is confusions...unexpected twists and turns..some sweet surprises..some bad shocks.!!!
And these are good on the whole; because thats the way HE has planned everything.
but we, with minds set here and there, with many imaginations for future...make the situation bad..and harder to accept whats coming ahead; although it might be better than what we thought.

I don't know why I am scratching all this here..I think may be I am pleased with an episode going on with me, which I never expected.


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