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Monday, April 27, 2009

An Entrance Test That Was

It was full of core mathematics… algebra & complex analysis…and a bit of calculus. I could solve neither of them, but atleast calculus questions could be understood .One of them made me wonder what used to be ‘removable singularity’. I learnt these courses 2-3 years back in my graduation, but neither were they in that depth nor did I like them so much to study on my own.

I am talking about IISC enterance exam for research. I and a friend of mine filled the form for research in mathematics department as they don’t have one for statistics. We got convinced by looking at their webpage that they have work going on in advanced probability theory and time series, but when told by TVR about the actual scene in statistics, what I could say was just that ”chalo koi nahi…atleast we can try solving paper just like that..anyways I don’t have to go there”.

And when I saw the paper I was so amused, that I cannot stop myself from smiling. I was thinking how many minutes I will be able to tolerate those mathematical questions.
I solved a few objectives, and one cannot imagine how many were guesses ;)..
But when I came to subjective questions, I can only try reading and understanding the 2 calculus ones, I played with them for about 15 mins. There was no question of doing that with isomorphism, homomorphism, order of group, cyclic group, analytical functions and singularities. So insane of them to put not a single statistical question, atleast it would have been easy for me to pass time.
By the by, during all this invigilator came to desk for signatures. And I made no delay in asking about the time limit one has to sit there, which came out to be 1 hour.
So, when finished with the maximum I can do with calculus ones, I was wondering how to spent the other 20 mins, I wasn’t sleepy even. All of a sudden I located their symbol on question paper, and since drawing is a good pastime, going by my recent experiences. I tried hands on it for quite a while. And then it was 10:05 am. So, time to leave. I asked the person and left the room.
But then there was something more for me. As I was about to leave the centre, a person with long hairs and long beard(LHLB), who claimed himself to be in charge stopped me

LHLB: Were you writing the exam?
Me: Yes..
LHLB: You are not supposed to leave before 11.
Me: Invigilator didn’t tell.. :o
LHLB: He might not be knowing, you should go back.
Me: What if I don’t, will I be disqualified?...You may do that.
LHLB: Its not a matter of that, you are not allowed to leave
Me: I am not well.
LHLB: Sleep there.

He grumbled something for invigilator and sent me back. Never wanting to go back, I roamed here and there in the building for few mins as he was not clever enough to send some one with me, to make sure I am going back to room. I again came back thinking of some way out. This time I was lucky, as no one there on the entry, so I came out in hasty steps, as if escape from custody. When I was far off I got relaxed. But all of a sudden my conscious said why am I running. Someone inside said me to go back and tell them I am going with some strong good reason, even if it’s a lie. I was confused, I turned my steps twice to move back. Finally I decided to go back. Entering the control room, I said I cannot sleep even , I have got dysentery. He was like, “OK on medical grounds I will let you go”.

I could not stop myself smiling on the whole way back, relaxed enough I turned to OC had breakfast, wondering how much scolding that invigilator might have got because of leaving me early. :)

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CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

ohhhh.....nice to recall such moments...every1 experience such moments during IIT and other xams toooooooo........so no need to worry.....

engenrng time pe to kai aise ppr encountr hote hain jisme padh ke bhi kuch nhi aata.....lolzzzzz.....

Sid said...

LHLB is good :)
made me recall my entrance exam days. I always used to walk out before time and taking a long walk through all the corridors, it was fun to psyche out people :D

GT said...

Mazzai aa gya padh kar :)

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