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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Nothing is going on.i mean nothing is happening...its all going on, as it should be except for few random events..which could not be called errors...apparently things seem to be alright. We want life to be like that, but it makes u feel blank. Life..is something that gives a experience each day..bt still some days though having their own importance go unnoticed...just like.....

A Page from the New Diary
The day changed only on the paper calendar;
the steel belted dial of time turned,
the clock-work doll stepped
beyond the threshold of its home & danced in circles.

Hands clapped,
Laughter crowned the scene.
A playful sun-deer panted & trembled,
Dashed into the black tyre
of the last bus,
fell, and went to pieces.
One more day
Turned away offended.

Exactly what I had feared
happened today.
Today, again,
nothing happened.
        -Nida Fazli


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hmmmmmm.......a gud one........

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