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Sunday, April 12, 2009

An "E" again

As a result of those pastimes in the lectures I was totally blank on the day before of sampling internal.
I don’t know why there is so much of repulsion between me and sampling. Yesterday it seemed as if someone has put something around my head, which is not allowing anything to enter within; may be some sort of firewall which was trying to protect my brain from sampling stuff.
I sort of hate it. I know its not good at my part to say something like this for a course in statistics. But is it necessary to like each and every part course. I don’t want to be a sage to love everything and hate nothing. In previous semesters I didn’t liked DOE. All this doesn’t goes random, I have figured out a tentative pattern behind: may be I dislike field and industrial type papers. What I like is theoretical topics along with applications. I am myself confused. Because at the end even stochastics and markov chains are there for data handling only. Let it be, I will try to analyse my situation some other time.
After 1st internals, I convinced myself for writing notes instead of making cartoons. In each lecture of 1 hour I used to give 5-6 failed attempts of paying attention to what she is saying. And I cannot retain my patience for more than 2-3 mins, in extreme case it might have gone to 4, but not more than that.
And then day before exam things become tare zameen par.
Things are even worse when you get stuck with some problem of markov chains, solving which off course is more interesting than studying this.

So I have only 3 options for the grades in this course…and that are
a) E
b) E
c) E

Doesn’t matters…at least the course is over.. so no more bearance…

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Sid said...

Interesting. The good part is that you do at least something than just dozing off.

Best of luck for getting the first vowel instead of the second one :)

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

don't worry.....there are such cases with everyone....hope u don't encounter any now.....all d bst.........

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