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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After the long and irritating spells of rain, finally the winter is there knocking on the door. Last 2 months were little irritating, because although the monsoon was over long back, still the clouds were not ready to go away. 
But now finally the dry winter is there. It looks more special this time; because at least for now, it is giving me a feel we used to get back home at Kanpur. Its so much fun.. getting cozy in blankets, dry leaves all around, feeling warm in woolens, the chill you feel while riding 2-wheeler, wish to eat something garma-garam like omelette made in butter :P

I guess this is my 4th winter in Pune. Last night was little chilly and I have never experienced such in Pune. Wished to dress like sarabjeet did in this part of our childhood memories.

in papa's jacket :-)
I hope this winter lasts little longer than the usual highly variable and inconsistent weather of Pune :-/ so that I get to use my woolens :P

PS: Morning was bright and beautiful, but something disappointed me later. Everything cannot be the way I want it to be. Some how life doesn't let me forget, what I don't have still and something which I could never. I have realised that shadow is gonna accompany me longer than I thought it to be. May be just to make me feel and understand, I am not sincere enough, as others are.. for which I have to pay..or may be get less.
Anyways thats how life is.. no time to stand and mourn over this.


Sid said...

may this winter take the coldness away!!

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

hmmm....its gud that finally u got some winter to enjoy in pune....;)

thnx for the pic.....;)

Anonymous said...

I like winter too and the hot, steaming tea and snacks. Ah I miss those days! And that's such a lovely, cute pic :)

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