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Friday, December 3, 2010

wedding bells

Note: If you are reading this with hopes to hear news about me, then stopping now would be a right decision. I cannot precisely say what it is all about (you got to read it for that), but I can say what it is not about :D

So these wedding bells.. I can hear them all around since 2-3 months. Every other week there is a news related to new world. Some are entering, some are planning to enter and some have already stepped in. 

There is a fear.. and excitement at the same time. Long tense spans of convincing the elders.. Nervousness of adjustment with in-laws.. and then finally that smile one gets on the face, when you are there, for the most awaited moment.. which you always wished for, and you made it happen. I experienced all this on Gaurav-Manda wedding last night. And believe me it was a beautiful experience, to see someone making through all those tough routes. After all at the end, what you get is worth every struggle.

Numerous feelings passed through my heart and mind, while attending the function. I wish, despite of the things tightening at work, I can escape to hear some more bells. Anyways the special ones are still far away.. so not to worry. But there are few, which I can not afford to miss!!

So I was talking about weddings..I am hearing news about so many friends nowadays. There is so much of excitement in seeing all those friends, we have spent significant part of our life, entering into new world.. and at the same time fear and speculations, wondering about whats gonna be there in stores for own self.

Howsoever it is, I am sure God is gonna take care about how the moment turns out to be special in its own way.. after all every one has got his/her own definition of special.

Indian weddings add to the fun and beauty of the moment, attributed by the small-cute customs. In this diverse part of the world, every culture has got a different style of tying the knots. Here is a beautiful video among one of those.. which reflected how customes could be so eternally romantic :P Got to see it as a result of surfing too much over blogs. Sometimes I am glad that I do it :-)

Wishes and blessings all around...
Hoping everyone in neighborhood gets what they wished for :-) ;-)

PS: I am totally sickened by the speed which time is flying. It is looking too fast at this moment.. and i am not able to cope up :-(


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

a big CONGRATULATIONS to the new couple.....GOD bless them.....

finally nice to see them together... :)

Anonymous said...

That was a very nice video. What elaborate and funny customs! I've never seen a single wedding entirely, always fall asleep when the rituals are still going on :)

Madhuri Kulkarni said...

Nice post deep! Congrats to Gaurav and Mandakini!!!

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