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Sunday, October 25, 2009

tired yet i will miss these days

It is around 1700 kms on road, 5200 kms on rail and 5200 kms by air in 25 days (includes journey to westen and then to the southern most part of the country). Some of the parts were redundant, but could not be avoided due to some or the other reasons..
I like to travel, but never got to do as much as this month..and as a result i am tired of travelling, atleast for a while..although I have enjoyed these few days like anything. People with whom I travelled (whether it be family or friends) have made these days memorable... :)

Nothing could have been more relaxing than those blue waters..

and what could have been more enjoyable than travelling in those narrowroads with everything green around...


Meera said...

nice snaps!!!!!!!! eager to see more...
and hope to read in detail in future

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