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Thursday, July 15, 2010

i hope..

.. yes, its just a hope.. that i have come back to blog, and i'll stay more regular.
How many days it has been since i wrote ANYTHING.. lemme check... 44 days (longest break i ever took).

Yesterday for the first time in these 44 days I actually felt the need and urge to write. May be because it was the first time in this break I was actually studying for research. Now don't take it as if I was actually on a break.. Hibernation started when GBM occupied all of me for workshop preparations.. and then 1st June to 25th June was AIS where I was a tutor; in between many events suffered due to this. There was an exam (which I should have better taken more seriously); very close friend's visit (whom I should have given more time).

..and then, it was some home time, after 6 months, with family and cousins.. all sorts of full-to masti, which most of the time did not made sense to people around.

..now when I am back to Pune, its lil hard, getting back to normal life. Not that, i don't want to, but the issue is the long wide lag I have been in. I have lost all the touch with where and what I was doing.. even notations look strange now (even those which we defined), and then simulation part (not sure where I ended and what is to be done)..

..in between i ignored many blogs, i actually wanted to comment on many of the posts i read here and there on different blogs i follow, but i couldn't.. reason used to non-availability... sometimes of time and sometimes words.. but i always tried to read. Few people cared enough to poke about the dullness of blog.. thank u :-)

I think i should end this post here, with a hope to be more regular.. here as well as on work.. bcz i could see some deadlines not short term, but long ones.. happy about them ;)

Won't let this go unmentioned.. something i saw happening, had a hard time understanding and then having the beautiful experience, made me believe..

By the way came across these beautiful lines of a song (from A Walk to Remember)..
If you believe that dreams come true.. there's one that's waiting there for you, bcz I believed when I saw you, that when you want someone enough.. then they can't escape your love.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be..


Meghana said...

hey deep, nice to see your blog with new lyf :p
was dying to here from you.. really!!

its a nice come back..

Sid said...

good to see the end of winter :)
hope this warmness goes a long way and you write more n also more frequently.

Amrit said...

nice to hear from u...will be waiting for more...:)

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

welcome back.....

Void said...

Welcome Back... You are fast becoming my favorite blogger... keep writing

mythalez said...

blog on! ;)

deep said...

:-) thanks a lot.. i think i m actually back now!!

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