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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a realization

As I grew I have admired some people, to be precise, actually these were some of their qualities which I liked, and have always wanted them in me. I never knew those beings completely. They were far off. Unreachable. Those person were nothing more to me than there special characteristic quality in human shape. I judged them by that single thing and praised them. It was my foul imagination that they are the perfect ones in all aspects. They lived in my imagination as I found best. But..

But now when I think I am really grown up to see beyond that, I find all those things not true. Actually there is nothing like growing, its just a matter of experience with some of them. It is now that I realize that every person has his shortcomings. They too have some lacuna in them. And none of those, whom I have admired is perfect. They are all like me, with lot of imperfections. Or may be better than me, because they have perfection in some aspects. And who knows, someone in some corner of world is admiring me too, despite of the fact that, I don't see anything admirable in me.

PS: Happy with still busy status and some self-realizations.


Balvinder Singh said...

Deep, "Zindagee ko itnaa kareeb se mat dekho, iska chehra tumeh rulaa de"gaa

Balvinder Singh said...

And Deep, you have blogrolled the URL of just one post of my blog ie., "The Pony Race". Instead u can blogroll the blog URL which will keep showing my latest posts as and when i post them.

deep said...

:) ..
@blogroll thing..i think thats jhust by mistake..i'll correct that. Thanks

Srivats said...

no one can be perfect :) if we accept that then everything would be prefect, plus its better to concentrate the best part of someone like picking the right apples leaving the wrong ones to eat.

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

Its seems that u have observd some of such life's very deeply.........better to enjoy ur life.....and not to think on what one has lost...just try to see....who is the best in which field.....and njoy ur best part along with the others.....:)

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