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Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 from today's top stories

After a long time I was going through the top stories in one of the news websites. As always there is lot of things happening around, and out of those, lot of things catch our attention, just like infinite subtracted from infinite.

The two of them which caught me today, were quite diverse to each other
1)Literature fest opens in Jaipur
2)People homeless in Delhi winter

I felt something for both stories..

Reason for first is trivial. Presence of a few people there, whom I really wish to listen in live once. I am always amazed by their work, so..All across the globe admirers of these big people have assembled and celebrating a festival of art and literature in the city known for its own culture, history, and art.

For the second here it goes. Since I have myself experienced the winter in north of India for years, so I very well know what it means. But at the same time I still don't know what it means and how it feels to be at roadside, on the footpaths, for those who don't have enough woolens and blankets, who see their parents and kids loosing the struggle to survive. And even none of us could feel who have always had more than adequate resources, to fight against cold. And the interesting part of story is, they have been given two blankets each by government, and the response then is, "one we put on the bed, and the other over us, so how can be one sufficient for this cold?" :(

PS: By putting these two stories of celebration and pain together, in no way I am intending any sort of awakening in the society. Its just a reflex that the two things held me at the same time, and this place is for anything that holds me back for the moment.


Balvinder Singh said...

Deep, u are right the two stories have nothing in common to each other yet, there is something which catches one's attention. The "life goes on" kind of a feeling in both. But life for those sleeping on the roadside is nothing less than hell. Something inside us gets shaken when we read the news about a certain number of people dying because of cold. All this development taking place in the world seem meaningless to those who don't get two square meals and a comfortable shelter on top of their heads.

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

although there was nothing in common among the two...but but that's how the life plays its role......on one side there is happiness but on the other sorrow.....although we have experienced some of such cold but we can't understand their misery.....all we can do is to thank HIM for what we got.....think good for them........

Sid said...

Life is unfair. Get used to it.

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