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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

strange me

Sometimes we dream, and later the impact is so hard that for a short while it becomes difficult to understand that it wasn't reality, just a dream. But today something similar happened but in different way.
I woke up at 7 but feeling more sleepy again went down to bed to have few more minutes of rest. I wasn't sure whether I will be sleepy again or not, so that was just a try. My mind was preoccupied by some issues and some people. So as usual my brain was talking (its a bigger chatter box than me). After a while when I woke up (or I was already awake all those 35 mins), I was wondering have I slept or I was just thinking. But then it seemed I have slept, and all those things were thought and discussed in dreams. Thinking in dreams, thats too confusing na? Even for me. That is so strangely stupid of me, if I was really thinking all those things in my dreams.. :O
Strange me.


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