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Monday, March 2, 2009


I am feeling like writing something, don’t know what but I want to. Not feeling a bit well, so may be after an attempt I will feel alright.
Today last lecture was that of Bayesian Inference, as usual. But with Kunte Sir each usual thing happens to become different. He is always there with something interesting, may be some historical fact like that of D.Basu’s example of elephants or some paradox.
With the continuous headache since the last night, I am feeling irritated. Atleast the usual charged behaviour is missing. At times such positive behaviour could also become a reason for irritation. People become so much used to of your exciteded charged behaviour, with smile on your face and glitter in eyes that when any of these is missing, every next person points out and asks whats wrong, typically ”Kya hua deep, kuch hua hai kya?” Absurd it is, don’t I have right to behave in normal sense. Am I always supposed to be happy? If a person isn’t happy does it means he is sad. Isn’t there a midway between the two.
Ohhh… I was taking about something else. Bayesian class. It was interesting as it is always. Sir made a mention about Jeffreys-Lindleys Paradox, which was logical but had a catch in it. Although it has been already been discussed by TVR, but then it did not sounded like something to be paid attention on.

In between the lecture, due to uneasiness, my visual organs kept on regularly visiting the window side. Lecture being at the 2nd floor, the only thing visible outside is branches of a tree, which comes in between the setting sun and window. It was around 4:30. There was a different sort of stillness outside. Generally at this hour of day, wind is such that it causes leaves to murmur, whispering as if to gain our attention. Today movement seemed to be unusually soft, as if trying not to distract me.But I was already.
Those soft moves might have gone completely unnoticed if I would not have looked at the first empty desk.
Even just before going sun seemed to be reasonably charged, strong and full of energy, as if teasing me. It was helping the leaves to make different continuous moving structures on the front desk. I was imagining many things out of it. For a moment or so those figures looked as if some large atoms are making a random movement or equivalently in two-dimensional Brownian motion. Very next moment they seemed to be fishes of shadows floating on the suns rays. And then deformed fairies, which are dancing all around.

Are you surprised on whether I was paying attention to hypothesis testing with so much of weird imaginations going on? Even I am.


PritS said...

Dreamer? Or rather day-dreamer? :)

deep said...

i think both...

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hello simple girl
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