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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Since the day I have created this place for myself to write, I have kept on mentioning about some or the other situation which is not known to most of the people who read this, leading to posts which seem discrete and in fact they are. Until now it has happened that things are known to one or two persons, which makes me feel that I am not abstract, but today I have something in my heart and mind which I won’t able to share with anyone. At least not right now, not even with the concerned person.
Two days back, I came to know something about a friend, through some source which actually I should not have used, as I believe it to be unjust, but did that yesterday again. There should not have been any problem with this, but act has developed a sort of repulsion for ... , and something in my heart doesn’t want me to do so, making me agitated.
Doing such things might be common and not at all wrong. But this person has been deceptive enough. I never expected it from ... . So there’s a sense of guilty for getting mistaken in judging a person; and a feel that I am not yet mature enough.
I have been consistently thinking of mentioning it to ... in some way, but then I am at no place to do; as it is just a matter of interest. And off course ... principles and ideals are different from mine.
I am not able to resist myself from not thinking on this since I don’t want to stay off, but already feeling driven away; totally clueless on my reaction on the situation.

P.S.:I would apologize from all those reading this for:
0. Even after reading this n number of times you won’t be able to guess it, even the concerned person cannot ..:(
1. On making you read a senseless post once again.
2. In case you are curious to know about person/source/interest.


Konika Ghosh said...

A part of discrete blogging again. One thing is for sure that never untrust a person because there is a genral falsification in actually obtaining the correct information. Time is a good measure for anything. Just hold on your part for the moment and talk to the concerned person. Things will be fine.

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