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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Matter of Right and Wrong

Being right or wrong in a situation is just a matter of perception. Should the way we react to something at different situations be always the same...or shall they change from time to time?. Its quite weird to act sometimes aggressively to situations as I do generally. The moment always convinces me i am right, but later as a matter of fact, I don't find myself good to have reacted in that way. It may be the consequences which change my opinion on that matter or my previous perception only could be wrong.
Its always the same with me, but a few days back a friend of mine along with me reacted to a situation and we took some decision on the instant.Two days later we had no option other than getting irritated on our decision..There isn't anything bad in doing so, but problem is we lose our nerve for judging what is benefecial for the future. We lose the capability to sense the coming events.
Although I always think of reacting wisely the next time, but I land up in the same way.


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

its ok yaar........situatn 2 situatn reactns to badalte hi hain..........no matr 2 wry.....

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