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Friday, February 6, 2009

Just a dream or more than that?

I have cleared the CSIR exam...and that too got the JRF. Isn't that amazing? My whole family is so happy; my pleasure is inexpressible.

All of a sudden I realize that its just a dream.. and actually results are not yet out. But after a while results really appear. I have cleared the exam, but not good enough to get fellowship; I am not happy now. My graduation teacher(Piyush Sir) approaches me and explains, how and where I lack in writing answers.

Suddenly I hear my room-mates voice whos chatting with someone on phone. To my surprise all this was a dream. And now I am truely awake. It was 7:27 am. For few seconds I was unable to visualize what is happening. What all was part of dream; and what all really happened. As soon as I came back to my senses, I was perplexed. To share the reality I already know that neither of the two things, that is, what I dreamt nor what I dreamt whithin it, is gonna happen. And I am quite sure about myself reappearing the exam. Then what made me so upset, so panicked I was.

It has really stirred me up.What I am upto, with my such seriousness, wasting almost all time in rubbish stuff. May be this was to really wake me up.


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

dreams really come true, but with +ve nature.....so try 2 maintain it...........all d bst..... :)

Romi Jain said...

When brain is in more rush then what you are in reality, such dreams do come for a visit. sometimes uncertainties are so much quacking to us that we do bug ourselves but definitely some dreams do courage us to move forward- to our set target. Relax back!! take things easy. you will have all you want!!

Richa said...

Whatever b ..I m really impressed by u..
Take today to celebrate the beauty of a dream u have always loved ..

u might have realised by now...
"U jst need to Make a wish ..
Ur Dreams are waiting...."

All the best in ur new journey..

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