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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The day next is scheduled for test of Inference in Stochastic Processes. And MBR’s paper is never an idle tale. And putting efforts in studying and racking brains during solving paper generally go in vain; but it takes nerve for not studying at all.
So I consciously decided(which I thought would be wiser) to not to go for listening to Nobel laureate. And then I ended up in utilizing this time in real noble activities. Let me see what they were and how they were not at all useless.
Slept for three hours at a stretch. Not being able to do that last night, it was quite important for me. But then got up with mind full of thoughts which were inexhaustible. At a glance which seemed to be a sort of introspection; about how I have been behaving differently, always trying to go off the track, become a unbending on issues, and all that dull blah. Which brought the self grading down.
And the next thing I am doing is this. Although writing the 2nd one for the hour, my mind is still completely occupied with all sorts of thoughts, which are jumbled up. But I did not repent spending my time like that. Do we always have to do things which make sense to others, and seem logically correct? Can’t we behave randomly sometimes.


poonam said...

hey lady there u r.........sometimes i feel y u r in jargon like statistics.......being blessed with a pretty imaginative n creative mind.........bt i can't deny ur statistical skills.....as u r pretty well in dat......ur post deserves this.....not d ganda comment....carry on wth ur posts.

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

it seems 2 me dat u r right......many times we hv 2 go acrdng 2 othrs(so dat othrs cn make sense)........nt by our own will.......

zenith said...

What a big deal in doing things which pleases other. so we should go round into a way until we find a way for ourselves. But, whatever you do should not be a dangling factor for others!! Otherwise, dont let others to stop you.

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