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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Walk: A perfect model

Have you ever experienced that when you are trying to run away from something,with all your heart and soul; then all of a sudden over all your efforts you are being puhed towards it with a greater force. Theres nothing new about this.

Last night(it was already dawn infact), I was thinking about a similar situation which has stuck me. I was trying to visualize it, in order to have a solution. Getting just over from the project work, which involved all sorts of probabilities, I ended up giving it a form of random walk. It appeared to me as if I trying to get out of it, and my success in it carries certain probability. But the force which pushes me back has twice the probability of getting succeeded. That means I have landed in asymmetric Random Walk; and it precisely means in the long run I will strike the terrifying situation. Right now this long doesn't seems correct, it seems I will be there shortly. According to a friend my escape velocity is nearly zero.
Although I modelled it successfully but I could not come up with a solution

0. This post may seem a bit weird, but I am not responsible for it.
1. If any of you can find some more interesting model for a situation, please do tell me; may be its helpful.
2. If theres some error with the formulation, kindly inform me.


zenith said...

I didnt get your post. May be becoz, we two stand in two different poles of earth. Anyhow...I am pretty sure this post is blabber of your mind and a perfect discrete blogging ;)

Sid said...

I think the force that pushes you back has an equal probability of succeeding as that of the one that pushes you forward. If it is not so, you'd already have hit the inescapable situation. It is one of the prefect information free market assumptions of economics and may seem equally weird at the surface but perhaps, that is what life is.

walked away...a memoir said...

@zenith: a little chat wud be helpful..nd yup i am discrete

@sid:think my prior guess for probability ws wrong..as i have not yet hit..so agreed wid ur assumption.

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