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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"Things are going too fast after the result...and it seems too hectic, as if responsibility on little shoulders is increasing exponentially..." that is what I have been exactly wondering about from 2-3 days...
Interview for fellowship
Final Semester Exams
Proposal for Research
.......this is a small list...for doing them so many tasks need to be done. Theres nothing like that these are forced on me.. I am happy to do but then I just need to manage and schedule up a bit, which I am not at all used to..
Many more things are coming up in few months which actually I am not used to...one will be to stay without batchmates who slowly became friends, and giving long stretches on reading and so on. That might include having meals alone, as well as very cherished night walks.
I have got to know this a bit before, so I think I should try adapting for this change; and don't complain as if ' who moved my cheese?'

Somehow these lines from Ruskin Bond's text are soothing me up now, although they not at all relate to my state now.

Remembering the times gone by,
With a twinkle in my eyes, alas the sigh
Every moment beautiful, every smile charming
These are the memories I have of the days passing.

The silent talk under the star lit sky
Looking upwards flying ever so high
Sharing our lives, caring for one another
Seeing each other happy, the days full of wonder

The endless discussions, the dreamy flights
It seemed things were in plain sight
The illusion was broken, our hands were tied.
You left, leaving me misty eyed.!!!


poonam said...

its something like dat i want to say a lot bt not gettin appropriate words or u may say dat words r so jumbled and its hard to arraange them.............well aaj to itna shayad na lage par ye session khatam hone ke baad sach main situation different hogi....will miss u.

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