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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who showed the path

In this long journey, called life, we come across different people. Each moment witnesses an encounter with a person, who goes by and teaches us some lesson. And that’s the way life is, discovering something or the other at each instant, whether consciously or unconsciously. So in a way the world around us is a teacher.
But all of a sudden, today I feel like thanking all my teachers (though its not the occasion of teacher’s day or guru poornima, but it is something more important to me).
There are some people in my life who have direct influence on what I am now, and more importantly what I want to become. They have enlightened my path with their experiences and guidance. It is because of there direction that I know what I want out of myself.

Papa: Man of basics
Starting with the most important person. My first teacher, because of whom I always enjoyed mathematics and loved it like anything, when many around hated it. He is responsible for my interest, which is carried on uptil now, and I am sure its going to stay forever. He always taught me the biggest problems, in the simplest way. He removed all panic which could be at that tender age. And then later he has been always there to supported me with my decisions, although at each of it I go against him. Even today its the same.

Piyush Sir & Pandey Sir
They were the first ones to believe, even before me, that I am capable of doing something more than a job at some company. With hell lot of impatience in me it seemed impossible; and they seemed, as if saying some words to encourage me, but now when I am really upto that, I realize they knew me more than I do, and believed me.

Alok Goswami
I interacted with him for a very short period (10 days or so) in a workshop on stochastic processes. At the end of those 10 days I was out of all confusions about whether to go for some professional course (like mca or mba) or continuing with statistics. And that was the time I somehow started liking Stochastic specifically.

Ramanathan Sir: Modest person, accessible to all
Remembering the time, when I was new to department (for M.Sc.) everyone tried to frighten about him in some or the other manner, but despite all, I could never develop any sort of negative feelings. At times when I could not perform well in his subject, there wasn’t a fear of poor scores, but the fear of letting down his expectations. The trust in his eyes was the only thing which encouraged me to not only opt for an extra course, but also make it happen. I am not sure how and what but something in him has always influenced me to be like him.

Marathe Sir: Perfect combination of precision and depth
This is no overstatement. Whatever concepts he taught us were always refined, accurate, with no loopholes in them and expected the same from us. Having three courses under him is really a matter of good fate. And his promise for a course in my much loved topic, Stochastics, (provided I come back) is like a dream come true state. He always shows his confidence in us, which keeps us moving forward. He is the one who has shown me the path towards a research career rather than serving some one.

Kunte Sir: Master of Bridge & Bayesian at the same time
He made me move a step ahead towards my interest. The way he makes things light and smooth going, in a perfect blend of theory with applications, with a tint of historical incidence, makes it impossible for to miss his talks. And after all he has the most delighted laugh with so many “ho-ho”s, and even if its your stupidity that made him laugh you would yourself be laughing in a moment.

Rajarshi Sir
In the 2nd semester I not at all liked him. He is amazing with his brain at applications but I was a sort of scared of him, and neither did I get some very good scores. I even remember dreaming him rusticating me for some mischieve. But now this semester things are completely different. Theres no repulsion. And I have realised he is very helpful and guides very humbly. And above that when he explains applications of stochastic things are so wonderful. And may be my future work would go on under him. :)


PritS said...

Nice one. It is so peaceful experience to sit sometimes and look back. :D

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

i agree with ur coments on papa...........and as i have not met others.....but i can say they are nice as much as i have heard for them from u...........enjoy life.........hope u get more such people.........stay blessed.......[:)]

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